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Van Gogh Alive: the painter's impressive multimedia exhibition arrives in Madrid

And the tickets are flying!

Can you imagine entering into 'Starry Night'? © Van Gogh Alive

After touring more than 30 cities - such as Berlin, Bogotá, Budapest, Krakow, Istanbul, Florence, Lisbon, Milan, Moscow, Beijing, Phoenix, Rome, Santiago, Chile, Shanghai, Singapore, Saint-Petersburg, Tel-Aviv or Warsaw- Van Gogh Alive arrived in Seville last February with a clear objective: not to leave anyone indifferent. And indeed, it was.

Now, the world's most visited multisensory exhibition reaches the Circle of Fine Arts from Madrid to follow breaking with the traditional museum concept and make us live the art in a completely new and different way.

"We have chosen the Circle of Fine Arts because of its strong position as nerve center of culture in Madrid, for his impeccable artistic career and strong ties with all art lovers, "he explains Elena Goroskova, director of Van Gogh Alive in Spain to Traveler.es

Light, color and sound made work of art in the same space © D.R.

"It's a risky proposal, submit a multimedia exhibition in the room where Picasso worked, but we believe that there is no better place in the capital to hold the exhibition in style, "Elena continues.

The exhibition will be installed in a space of 800 square meters With a height of 10 meters that will allow an even more spectacular assembly: "We are going to cover the walls from the floor to the ceiling to achieve the unprecedented immersive experience", Elena tells us.

In addition, the Dance room it is the most beautiful space we have seen so far and we want to turn it into two months in a virtual temple of Van Gogh ", concludes

The most visited multisensory exhibition in the world arrives in the capital © Van Gogh Alive

After Seville, where the exhibition received more than 78,000 visitors, In September he moved to the Fish Market Exhibition Hall of Alicante, where it will remain until December 16 (tickets available here).

"We are having a wonderful reception from the Levantine public, becoming Van Gogh Alive in the exhibition of the year in this city, "Elena tells Traveler.es

Coffee terrace at night (also known as the Coffee Terrace of the Place du Forum in Arles at night) © D.R.

"In the first week of ticket sales for the Madrid exhibition, more than 10% of all available locations have already been sold, so most likely, when the opening date arrives, tickets will no longer be available, "Elena warns.

Van Gogh Alive will arrive in the capital next December 26 and it will last until February 26, 2019 and you can buy tickets here.

"We hope to reach the hearts of Madrid and of course… come back! "exclaims Elena.

Self portrait of Van Gogh with bandaged ear © D.R.

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