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How to behave on a bus trip

A long bus trip is always profitable for what you have in group therapy. You are all in the same boat, you endure the same extreme temperatures, the romantic comedy is cut in half at the same time, you hear the same snoring or the same football game at full speed and your smell becomes numb to the smell of caged tiger at Same time. The most heroic journeys, those that cross the Peninsula from one cardinal point to another, twin more than a little season in the talent. So, when you wander around the desolate post-apocalyptic landscape of a service area in Las Hurdes, you see your teammates circling the parking lot and how you understand them.

He philosophizes a lot on the bus. Pascal was probably coming down from a stagecoach when he wrote that "Most of the evils that come to men come from them because they don't stay calm at home". And Sartre's complete phrase was actually "hell are the others who go with you on the Conil de La Frontera-Panjón bus on a normal August heat day." What happens is that he came from making an interprovincial trip in a car of the time and already gave a little the same and left half.

Bus stations They are a hole in space time. The normal thing is that you see people who come from the past walk around there, but there are also those that appear from another timeline and even from a not so parallel dimension. If you have ever thought about buying a beret, before going through the headgear shop, take a tour of a bus station and see how people live. For his stop, lThe station bathrooms are a black hole in which every sleaze has a seat. Bring home made things. And it brings some loose, because there is always someone who has just got out of jail and has lost the bus to Bilbao and needs 50 cents. They are there every day, probably because they are employees of the station hired to realize what happens to you if they carve you in an assault with a white weapon and then, to make matters worse, you miss the bus to Bilbao.

Buy the ticket online. It works quite well, but they still have to offer a photo and a brief resume of who will be your travel companion for a complicated 6 or 8 hours of your life. It would be an application type social network or type wheel of recognition in Police Station.

Driver. Bus drivers are fabulous beings that have accompanied humanity since the beginning of time. In classical mythology they were known by other names such as cancer-keeper, minotaur, cyclops or "the guy who came to the final screen of Tetris in recreational."

Tuppers A fragrant habit that is being lost since you are notified by public address that you do not do it. I would recover it as a tourist attraction and catalog of traditional cuisine for guiris. If you are going to do it, do it well and take a stew.

Companions. In the chance that a partner awards you is where the bus trip becomes an inner journey, of discovery. You play a smelly or expansive or yonki with the monkey and that is when you start asking yourself the metaphysical question that has always marked human evolution: why? Or rather, why me? You can also play a companion miniskirt with piercings that invites you to gum and wants to show you the city and you ask the same question, but with another tone.

Thermal contrasts. The air conditioners of the bus come only with two positions: "North Pole", for the summer, and "Chicken Farm", for the winter.

Bridal showers. It is one of the funniest things that can happen to you on a bus. Well, no. Since they can't think of anything to do to the future girlfriend in a bus, they get along with long shrieks and chants. At the height of Benavente you already make a ball in your seat and wait for everything to happen, with stoicism or delirium tremens, it depends.

Go to San Fermin. The label on the bus on the way to San Fermin always includes a Summit of Gredos shared since it starts. The right service is in tetra brik.

Stops The walking dead It has no emotion for you that you've been to so many La Mancha service stations at dusk.

Around the world. Stopping in the villages is the most traditional way of traveling. Ulysses did it and didn't complain so much.

Flirt. You can pass. Start smoothly, pretend to read a book. Start with a casual comment, something that proves that you are a man of the world, such as offering in kilometers with decimals what exactly remains to reach Torredonjimeno. It shows a content interest in its activities, what it reads, what music it hears, that if it is strawberry that chewing gum with which it makes the pompitas that are drilling your ears. Try to find common interests and coincidences "Look, we have the same number of arms.". It doesn't really matter what you do, it has no escape and if you talk to it all the time, Stockholm Syndrome could come before you get off. It could happen. Ask yourself what you have done wrong if at the height of Cuenca take the emergency hammer and starts hitting the glass or your head.

Bathroom. For some reason, because it is lower, perhaps, the bathroom of the bus does not have the same stability as the seats and among its informal services the centrifuge is included. Elite army shooters use bus restrooms a lot to train.

Rural Spain The beautiful part of the bus trip is that the man with your beret touches you and you can ask him when they went to the pastures with the cattle and what he did in the Civil War. He probably doesn't know what you're talking about, but the townspeople are very friendly and they like to stick the thread and something will be invented. The other beautiful part is that you pass through the villages and everything seems admirable and makes you want to compose an eclogue. I once saw a deer that took a run to the bus near Burgo de Osma and already compensated me forever for traveling by bus.

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