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Hotel breakfasts: the best (sandwich) club for day dancing

Breaking the rules in the hotel is as easy as throwing yourself in the arms of the perfect club sandwich

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The club sandwich of the Sofía Hotel in Barcelona © Hotel Sofía

It is assumed that the breakfast it was made to start the day with pancakes, eggs with bacon, toast with butter and jam, a freshly squeezed orange juice in a hurry of “run, the vitamins are gone”And coffee with milk to wake up the senses addicted to caffeine. Well, it is supposed.

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The best hotel breakfasts in the world

Today you have risen with a slight dose of rebellion in the body, taking a somersault to the dark side, avoiding milk and cream in pursuit of the blackness of a American coffee with a couple of teaspoons of sugar, loading in a moment all the recommendations of your trusted barista.

Total, today it's about you and nobody else. It's eleven o'clock in the morning and, although yesterday you busted the club (so they later say that in Barcelona there is no move), today you are going to have breakfast between the sheets of the Sofia hotel while the sun dresses your bed by chance with perfect sun rays.

Very underrated is in these times of traveling haste the Room Service (please, never let the nuncas disappear), but in these rooms they take care of turning the tortilla.

In fact, they knock on the door ... It's him: the perfect club sandwich. Incredible that it is the most used snack in so many hotels and that few manage to do it like here (and that few know how to reach the level of crunch that give away the chips that accompany it).

Is there more perfection than this? You are right. That today you do not leave here, that today you leave aside museums and walks to read that book that you paid so little attention to during the flight ... until the sun's rays return where they came from. After all, it's your vacation. And today it goes for you.

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See 21 photos

The best hotel breakfasts in the world

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