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Editor'S Choice - 2020

The best restaurants in Zaragoza

Taverns, food houses, restaurants and bars where you can enjoy the best meals in the province (and city) of Zaragoza

Iberian secret dish of Novodabo © Novodabo


The market vault (Market Square, 4 tel. 976 86 82 51) $$$

The best of traditional Aragonese and market cuisine in an old 16th century cellar perfectly restored.

José Manuel Baya is the owner (and almost everything) of this restaurant specialized in recovering and updating many of the recipes of the Aragonese acquis.

His personality, warm and welcoming, is transmitted to dishes such as scrambled borage with prawns and pine nuts, crêpe de morcilla with pate sauce or partridge and delights of pan.

The wines (mostly Cariñena, of course) are a fundamental part of the local pleasure.


Savoy 21 (Marrodán, 34 tel. 976 64 35 15) €€

The Aragonese recipe book updated from an excellent raw material. It is located in the old casino of the city.

This restaurant, run by chef José Tazueco, is famous, especially for its grill, in which wonderful ternascoes are prepared (the one that presents stuffed with couscous is surprising).

But the menu goes further, through dishes like the stuffed with mousse of milkweed mousse with cream of foie gras or thistle salad.

Its cava is very well stocked, especially with references from Campo de Borja.


The grenade (San Ignacio de Loyola, 14 tel. 976 22 39 03) $$ - $$$

Contemporary kitchen. A classic that in recent times has adjusted its offer to continue offering an appetizing proposal adapted to the times.

Granada is one of the essential names of Zaragoza. With a central location, its menu of dishes has a classic cut and more current details. Lately he has redefined his letter, adjusting prices.

Eggplant and hummus tartare, spiced breast and quince aioli; veal, quinoa, nuts and chestnut puree. During the week they have a highly recommended menu.

Granada is one of the essential names of Zaragoza © Restaurante Granada

Méli Mélo (Major, 45 tel. 976 29 46 95) €

Almost everyone knows him for his tapas, but here he also comes to try (with table and tablecloth) his international cuisine.

Its owners define it as a restaurant with creative and market cuisine.

Of course, they fully comply with this leit motiv: frog legs with romesco sauce; Asian rice with squid; almond cod; suck ternasco chups ...

It specializes in celebrations of all kinds, so you have to take it into account on specific dates.

Product and perfection: creative and market cuisine © Melí Meló

Novodabo (Plaza Aragón, 12 tel. 976 56 78 46) $$

Haute cuisine elaborated and with a great prominence of the product. All in a beautiful (and luxurious) 19th century palace.

Considered the Best Restaurant in Aragon in 2015, this is the kingdom of David Boldova, chef trained in the kitchens of Arazak, Akelarre and Comerç 24.

Their proposals go through dishes as celebrated as "sea flavor"; the pigeon with quinoa and peach from Calanda or the roast suckling pig with chickpea and lime puree.

David participated for our country in the Nordic Challenger with Sergi Arola.

The kingdom of David Boldova © Novodabo

Burn (Paseo María Agustín, 20 tel. 976 43 92 14) €€

Contemporary kitchen. The restaurant of the Aragonese Institute of Contemporary Art and Culture is one of the great surprises of the city.

Manuel Barranco offers an articulated letter around two fundamental axes: the market, the tradition and the Mediterranean influence.

Hence, dishes such as the trumpeter sweet rice with chanterelles, mozzarella and hazelnuts; the tongue with Cumberland sauce, mashed chickpeas and mole, or the boneless lamb shoulder with eggplant tatin.

The restaurant also manages the IAAC cafeteria and its terrace.

Entrance to the restaurant Quema © Quema

Palomeque Restaurant (Agustín Palomeque, 11 tel. 976 21 40 82) $$

Spanish cuisine sublimated with the good work of the sommelier Miguel Arlés.

Two equally attractive concepts: a skewer bar and a dining room for classic dishes based on an exceptional product: Hake, tuna belly of Guetaria or Palomeque potatoes, these are served with duck ham and foie shavings.

Will there be anyone who resists their Iberians?

€ Less than € 10

€€ Up to € 20

€€€ Up to € 50

$$$$ Over € 50

* You can find the 2018 Gastronomic and Wine Guide in digital version for your devices, in Manzana, Zinio Y Google Play.

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