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Roatán, the best kept secret in the Caribbean

The Honduran island offers one of the best and cheapest diving destinations on the planet

Shhh !, don't tell anyone ... © Getty Images

I tell you a secret? Exists a small island in the Honduran Caribbean surrounded by turquoise waters with one of the Ocean floors most spectacular of the American continent.

I follow? its wild nature covers much of the island, the best way to get to know it is in a motorcycle scooter, but we'll talk about that later. Even more? It has a nice tropical climate throughout the year, regulated by the sea breeze and modern hotel infrastructure. Are you with me

The area of West End, on the western tip of the island, It is the best place to stay. Basically for your heart attack beach, with palm trees on the shore in perfect military formation and a sand as white as the teeth of Luis Miguel.

An earthly paradise © Getty Images

As soon as you dive into the sea you will find an unforgettable surprise: you are in the middle of a coral reef of 700 kilometers that extends along the coasts of Mexico, Guatemala, Belize and Honduras, the second largest on the planet, with permission from the Australia.

After touring much of the American continent, I can promise and I promise that these waters have no comparison. Basically for three reasons: the extraordinary transparency and color of its waters -You won't need any type of filter for Instagram-, the richness of the reef and how close it is to the coast.

In most places of the world where it is practiced the diving, the usual thing is to have to rent a tour with guide, boat and diving equipment which astronaut, but in Roatan, and specifically on this beach, the reef is about 10 meters away. You just have to arm yourself with your glasses and tube to live your particular space odyssey.


Under the sea, few pleasures are up to staying, which Hindu yogi, contemplating a fluorescent pink anemone rocked by the currents.

Do we dive? © Getty Images

We also agree to accompany one of the many sea ​​turtles that will swarm around you. But if what you really like is to go down to the depths, Roatán is one of the best and cheapest diving destinations in the world.

The course for obtaining PADI certificate It costs around 5,000 Honduran lempiras (about 180 euros), while an i45 minute dive just 700 lempiras (about 25 euros). The companies Splash in Y TGI Divers They are two good and reputable options, with imported top quality equipment.

But it is also Roatan drag a past brimming with adventures: naval skirmishes, invasions and wars. Himself Henry Morgan, one of the most famous pirates in history, had here Your favorite hiding place

Currently offers another type of shelter for celebrities, from our fireproof Julio Iglesias, to the billionaire Carlos Slim, passing by Richard Gere or Michael Douglas, all claudican before the charms of the island. By the way, in local language Roatan means 'Celestial kingdom'. Yes, a little cheesy, but you have to admit that you are not exaggerated.

Actually, the island has many more tourist attractions. A highly recommended way to meet them is to check a road trip in the purest style Easy Rider Do not hesitate for a moment: rent a scooter and jump on its roads.

Something that will surprise you as soon as you arrive is to verify that a large part of the local population speaks perfect English, inheritance of ancient British invasions.

This seabed will not leave you indifferent © Getty Images

On the back of your brand new blue smurf scooter, and with the breeze stroking your face, the island begins to reveal its identity: Papaya plantations, coconut trees, and an unusual presence of wild orchids.

The roads -In reality there is a principal that connect West End with Santa Elena, the easternmost part of the island - they are in perfect condition and driving is very nice, so much that you won't need any navigation application, just let yourself go.


After the small airport you can see keys and mansions of the international famoseo. After a few 10 kilometres you have to pay attention to the sign on the right hand side that indicates the entrance to Little french key, Roatan’s most extravagant place, an oasis inside the oasis, a place that borders between the sublime and the kitsch. It is a small private island that houses restaurants, bars and loungesTo watch the sunset

It is accessed in a small boat, as soon as you arrive at the pier, the pyrotechnic show begins: Versailles Sculptures, sources of Italian origin, marble angels from whose mouth the water sprouts, private beaches, Polynesian style cabins on the sea and even, a small zoo with paradisiacal birds, monkeys and a caged lion, and it is not a rhetorical figure.

Little French Key, a place to get lost © Alamy

The adventure on two wheels continues through cliffs and rugged areas. Now the houses are much more spaced, it is worth reaching st. Helen to check the cultural wealth of the island.

Suddenly, we have completely changed the scene, with populations of color with dreadlocks, clothes with colored prints and a contagious sympathy.

Live there Garifuna populations, an ethnic group descended from African and Caribbean natives, known for their rich and energetic music, his frantic dances and its highly valued gastronomy, with the cassava bread, coconut milk and fried fish As flagship products.

In each country that is visited Every traveler worth his salt should cultivate friendship with at least one local. Santa Elena is your place in Roatán. Most likely a neighbor will invite you to sit on the porch of a wooden house painted a bright color, He will offer you a plate of yucca fish and wander with you about the divine and the mundane while the sun fades on the horizon.

And if we stay here to live? © Getty Images

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