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Editor'S Choice - 2020

Norway builds the tallest wooden skyscraper in Europe

And of the world?

It will be finished in March 2019. © Mjøstårnet

Norway is one of the most environmentally conscious countries, so it is no wonder that the spirit of building was born here sustainable and environmentally friendly buildings. It was just the ambition of the architect Arthur Buchardt what has made him raise and carry out the construction of Mjøstårnet, the tallest sustainable wooden building in the world.

With him I wanted to demonstrate that it is feasible to manufacture a building like this with sustainable and environmentally friendly materials and taking advantage of local products offered by nature. This green building also aims to prove that the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions of up to 85% is possible.

Mjøstårnet will have a total area of ​​around 11,300 square meters, 80 meters high, 18 floors, It will include apartments, a hotel, offices, restaurants and common areas. In addition, there will be a pool of about 4,700 square meters.

Brumunddal is the place where the skyscraper is located, 150 kilometers from Oslo, which at the moment is not over. Its inauguration is scheduled for March 2019, but it has already been recognized with the 'Norwegian Tech Award 2018' and with the 'The New York Design Awards 2018'.

Stavekirker or medieval church. © Mjøstårnet


Norway has been working on this type of structure for many years, known as "passive houses", constructions in which bioclimatic architecture resources are used combined with energy efficiency superior to traditional construction.

This type of houses They began to be built in 2000, and since then, they have proliferated. Tromsøya it was the first passive house project in Norway, its construction was completed in December 2005 and is an example of Low energy housing.

And if we go back much further we will see how already in Norway and the countries of northern Europe were building wooden buildings like medieval churches or Stavekirker. The wooden constructions of the Vikings are also known.

It will have a height of 80 meters and 18 floors. © Mjøstårnet


Possibly, Mjøstårnet itself is the most sustainable and tallest skyscraper in the world, but not the only one. At the moment the W350 of Tokyo exceeds it in height, which is still under construction and its inauguration is not expected until 2041, because its height will be 350 meters and 70 floors. Something like that takes time.

Of course in 2041, Mjøstårnet with its 80 meters will remain small next to it.

Video: The World's biggest Wooden Skyscraper stands in Norway. Rising 85 meters into the sky (March 2020).

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