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And the best Christmas market in Europe is ...

A Spanish city sneaks into the top 20!

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Christmas lovers: Go to Tallinn! © iStock

The lights illuminate every corner of the city, Naviluz circulates happily through the streets, Juan has sneaked into our homes with the announcement of the lottery, our invisible friend knows that there is less to receive his gift, the nougat and marzipan are going hollow at the table ...

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The 20 best Christmas markets to enjoy in Europe

Yes, Christmas is just around the corner. And what can not be missing at this time of year? Christmas markets!

Every year, European Best Destinations holds an online vote for ten days to prepare the ranking of the best Christmas markets in Europe.

On this occasion, the winner has been the Christmas Market of Tallinn (Estonia), with 31,436 votes, thus undoing that of Zagreb, which had occupied the first position during the previous three years.

The silver medal has taken her Budapest with 26,348 votes and the bronze goes to the French city of Strasbourg, with 24,205 votes.

In the voting participated nothing less than 208,424 people from 106 different countries. Of them, 66% Europeans and the rest outside the continent.

This year, a Spanish city sneaks into the list of the twenty best Christmas markets in Europe: Seville occupies the nineteenth position, ahead of Chester (United Kingdom), which is not bad to be the first time participating.

Budapest occupies the second position © Füt? Blessed


He world's first Christmas tree it was erected for the first time in the town hall square of Tallinn in 1441. From the air, the old town of the capital of Estonia, presents the form of a big heart, symbol of love that breathes so much in these dates, chance?

This year, the Christmas decoration The city revolves precisely around the figure of the heart: from the ornaments of the tree to the garlands of the streets.

He Christmas market in Tallinn, awarded this year as the best in Europe by European Best Destinations, it receives more than half a million people each season to soak up the Christmas spirit.

Tallinn, the best Christmas market in Europe © iStock

The aroma of ginger is mixed with that of roast and mulled wine, the carousels spin incessantly and San Claus distributes sweets among the children from his booth while the elders browse through the craft stalls.

The weekends, the focus is on the main stage, where around 3,000 artists come from all corners of Estonia.

Going into this giant heart is as if you had sprinkled a handful of magic powders on our heads transporting us to a world where happiness reigns above all.

You can check the complete list of the best Christmas markets in Europe here.

The Strasbourg Christmas market © Leonid Andronov / European Best Destinations

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The 20 best Christmas markets to enjoy in Europe

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