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Editor'S Choice - 2020

The Once Canalla: illustrated culturetism and drinks to the European cold

It's easy: this weekend we don't want to do anything other than imbue ourselves with books with the Eñe Festival, cinema, exhibitions ... and relax so much culture with cold drinks from Berlin and Reykjavic. So we are.

1. In bed: 'Strange fruits' Leila Guerriero. The first chronology anthology of the Argentine journalist Leila Guerriero that is published in Spain.
2. On the bar: 101 bar (101 Hotel, Reykjavic). 101 Hotel is the usual Icelandic accommodation of the celebrities. So what better to take a drink in your lobby bar, of the liveliest of the capital and with pleasure (its owner is a art lover, so the atmosphere full of works, is perfect to have a cocktail in one of the most important cultural capitals of Europe)
3. Between frames: Festival Eñe and exhibition Saul Bass (Circle of Fine Arts of Madrid) The CBA is full of activity, as always. This weekend, the main event is the Eñe Literary Festival with writers such as Luis García Montero, Luis Goytisolo and Enric González, among others. Also, do you remember the credits of 'Psychosis' with those black and white stripes? There we were already ahead of Bates' ill mentality. Saul Bass made sense (and so much) to the credits, to those fussy pre-show lyrics that thanks to him became an essential (and artistic) part of the film. His tour, his tribute, until January 13 at the CBA.

Eñe Festival at the Círculo de Bellas Artes, the literary event of the year © La Fábrica

4. In the club: Gaukur à Stöng (Tryggvagata 22, Reykjavik) Here Björk began to play and here every night the Icelanders gather to have drinks at the rhythm of rock, heavy and local groups. Legend has it that it is the oldest pub on the island ... You have to live it. And drink it.
5. On the table: Valencia Gastronomic. This week we are left with the hottest stove in the city of Turia proposed by our collaborator Jesús Terrés.
6. On the road: 'The Isleta del Moro Arráez', at Cabo de Gata Natural Park (Almeria). Your hostel-restaurant of the same name looks at a tiny jetty, enough to give way to the delicacies that the Almeria coast seeks to those who sit at their tables.

Carolina returns, tapas with shock © Carolina returns

7. In the stadium: Real Madrid-Athletic de Bilbao, Saturday November 16 at 10pm at the Santiago Bernabéu.
8. In the cinema (inside or outside the home): 'I want the head of Alfredo García' (Sam Peckinpah, 1974), the good cinema of Quentin Tarantino already did Peckinpah in the 70s.
9. On the walkman: 'You are here', the band's last studio album Antònia Font, a prodigy of 40 songs.
10. A neighborhood: Prenzlauer Berg, the scenario of bourgeois bohemia of Berlin, full of first-time thirties in the matter of motherhood and expatriates - Italian, Portuguese, Spanish - with a stable employment contract.
11. In the conversation: Was there really only 35,000 people in Madrid during the demonstration with which the general strike of 14-N concluded as stated by the Government Delegation?

Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin © Corbis

Video: El once ideal - Buitre Canalla DEMO OFICIAL (March 2020).

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