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Editor'S Choice - 2020

Restaurant of the week: Tampu, the Peruvian you needed in Madrid

Be fooled by the taste of authentic ceviche

Piglet Tampu style © Tampu

It's been two years since Lima chef Miguel Ángel Valdiviezo moved his Tampu original from a modest place in the Prosperidad neighborhood to the Prim Street. Here has continued mixing chili pepper, choclos, pisco, quinoa, coriander, purple onion, rice and many more ingredients until you get to shape and fund your project Peruvian cuisine, one of the most extensive and complex in the world.

The local presents one bar area, three reserved which vary in capacity and a main hall divided by a large mirror to give a feeling of spaciousness and intimacy. Wicker and wood-based decoration play with different volumes to divide the rooms and a pleasant golden color floods the entire space.

To start you can try some of their classic cocktails (its Pisco Sour is one of the best of Madrid) while you let yourself be advised by the very kind team that leads Melina Salinas. Since there are no half portions, the ideal is to go in a group to be able to Share and try everything.

Lima chef Miguel Ángel Valdiviezo © Tampu

The letter It is divided into a first block of small dishes with which to start as an appetizer. Outstanding el sanguchito de chicharrón, pork chifero with sweet potato cream and Creole sauce, a mixture of textures and flavors very interesting that is appreciated in small bite for its strength.

In the fried snacks section, the Tequeños of wantan dough stuffed with chicken sauteed in the wok to dip in a honey of passion fruit and rocoto They are a good choice, good frying with an abundant and juicy filling.

And of entree, scallops! © Tampu

The time has come to continue with the main courses: tiraditos, ceviches, causes, tradition and fire. The ceviche is bound, the classic croaker accompanied by roasted chulpe corn, cooked corn and sweet potato It is a delight of balanced and crisp flavors, without excess acidity. Nothing to do with the fashion that floods the capital for a few years where ceviche is usually synonymous with lime and coriander without measure.

We continue on this journey through the Peru gastronomic with another of its basics: the cause of cooked octopus (at the point) on anti-grilled sauce with purple potato, avocado and cooked mote with huancaina and huacatay sauce points. Contrasts of taste and color in a visually attractive dish.

The delicious sea bass ceviche with prawns © Tampu

We finish the salty part with the chili pepper over cooked potato, quail egg and Peruvian dried botija olives accompanied by white rice, another of its classic dishes interpreted perfectly by Valdiviezo, where highlights the creamy chili pepper and the perfect cooking of the bird.

You can't leave without trying the tampu carabinero tiradito © Tampu

Leave a hole for dessert because with the Lima sigh, you will not regret it. The sigh cream is accompanied by solid meringue, passion fruit sauce that refreshes every tablespoon and chili pepper powder which with a soft spicy touch enhances the sweet spots on the plate.

In Tampu you can eat Peru (Which is already a lot!) And know the country trying dishes from all regions because as the chef himself says 'We are not a race, in Peru who does not have inga has mandinga, blacks, cholos, Chinese, blond ... a mix, that's my homeland, a mix, a coupage, the excellent union of rhythm, color and flavor'

Enjoy Peruvian delicacies in this cozy restaurant © Tampu

In data


Calle de Prim, 13, 28004 Madrid


915 64 19 13


Tuesday to Saturday, from 1:00 p.m. to 3:45 p.m. and from 9:00 p.m. to 11:45 p.m. Sunday from 13:15 to 15:45. Closed Monday.

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