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The 'influencers' who earn the most from traveling by taking photos

And that of working?

And that of working? © Photo by Alisa Anton on Unsplash

They write books, place advertising on their websites or participate in free charity events that help them improve your brand image. We tell you how these people do with thousands of followers on social networks to get a good salary while they make their passion a job.

Sorelle Amore. Kate McCulley Murad and Nataly Osmann. Do you hear their names? Are influencers of postín, who travel all over the world and then share your images on Instagram. Uploading one of these photos is not an altruistic act: one of these people can win up to $ 10,000 per month (more than 8,100 euros) For this job. Because yes, it is a job.

It is difficult to know the economic figures of these influencers. According to a report by The Newspaper of Catalonia, a Twitter or Facebook message that has 10,000 fans or impressions may be worth between 80 and 100 euros, a figure that goes up to 300 euros for those with 50,000 fans and 3,000 euros for those who have Half a million.

In the case of visual Instagram, 10,000 fans involve getting between 120 and 150 euros, Y 2,500 euros if you exceed half a million followers.

However, YouTube is the most appreciated: half a million subscribers means 10,000 euros for a video. In 2016, the couple formed by Jarryd Salem and Alesha Bradford, from NOMADsaurus, said they earned $ 6,000 per month (more than 4800 euros at the current exchange rate) for their work.

However, the earnings do not depend for others on the number of followers. Sara Vicious, co-founder and social media strategist of Fugu, an agency specializing in influence marketing, He explains to Traveler that they don't measure influencers because of the size of their community, "if not for the scope of its publications and its engagement (commitment or link of the followers with the influencer), since there are profiles with 200,000 followers whose publications do not have more than 20% of users reached ”. A) Yes, "Profiles with a larger community do not always charge more for their publications."

This creative also explains that, although there are specialized travel profiles, "most mix hobbies": travel with lifestyle, fashion or photography, to give some examples. She highlights in Spain those of Vintage collage, which is defined as Fashion Blogger + Globe Trotter, Bethlehem Hostalet Y Monica Sors.

Vicious account that the cost of publications is not fixed. "It varies if accommodation and travel to another country are to be included, in which case 'packages' are made." As an orientation, tells us that a publication can be worth 900 a, if the profile is very powerful, 2500 euros. If it's a story such as Instagram (publications that disappear after 24 hours), the price "is usually always smaller". From the agency Fluence, also specialized in influencersThey explain that prices vary between 300 and 1000-1500 euros.

Further away from advertising is Julie Falconer, with 129,000 followers on Instagram. Specializing in London, she also plans trips, but sells her own e-books in which she teaches, at a basic or advanced level, the tricks to create a blog or a social media strategy.

Because if, basic skills can be taught in a book, but then you have to work hard: if these people have demonstrated something, you can earn money by enjoying traveling ... and with Instagram and YouTube.


The 10,000 dollars that we talked about at the beginning are the ones that the Australian has been pocketed a month Sorelle Amore. With their 114,000 followers on Instagram Y almost 130,000 in Youtube (), Amore, 29 years old and defined as "professional globetrotter", publishes impressive photos of the entire planet, in which the luxury hotels through which it passes. In addition, in her channels she teaches what to do so that others are like her: how to relate to brands, how to make our own travel photos ...

Amore has enjoyed luxury in Bali, in Croatia or in the Malaga round. His love for travel comes to him since childhood: born in Sydney but from a Polish family, he lived some years of his childhood in the European country.

"Being exposed to different cultures and ways of living from such a young age inevitably prepared me for a life of seeking adventure," he said. From a young age he photographed every trip, a basis for his future work. At 25 he left his post in an office to bet on his career as a photographer.

He moved to Iceland and began uploading travel videos that he described as "horrible", because he did not know the techniques. It was a German youtuber who helped her become an influencer and a year ago she was lucky to win a contest called Best Job on The Planet, which has led her to travel to luxury destinations around the world to share them on her channels and articles, in addition to reporting benefits for her pocket.

She has explained what her tricks are as a travel influencer.

First, focus on a very small niche (It is not the same as your audience being luxury travelers in tropical countries than travelers in general).

In second, hire other people for those tasks that you hate or that are bad for you.

In third, give value to your work and negotiate with the other party if necessary, but never devalue it. And even if everything seems glamorous, he also wants to remember that entrepreneurship means days of stress or income does not arrive.


New Yorker Kate McCulley has traveled to more than 70 countries, which she has recorded on her blog Adventurous Kate and in his Instagram, with 122,000 followers. His trick? Having a niche like Amore was talking about; where appropriate, women traveling alone.

Although she does not give figures of the money she earns, in her blog she makes it clear that she uses product affiliate links, that is, links to items that can be purchased and with a personalized code; If we buy that product, she takes a small commission (the price does not vary for us).

In addition, he warns in his blog for those who want to imitate it that you do not usually earn money during the first year, since travel agencies or companies do not usually rely on novice websites. Also, remember that “Press trips do not pay bills”, Since going to one of them is time in which one would be working, although they can give benefits in the future.


If besides being influencers they are viral, success is assured. The couple formed by Murad and Nataly Osmann it may not sound by their names, but if we say that they are known for the photos in which she, on her back, shakes hands with him, then yes.

Of Russian origin, the first of these photos was shot in Barcelona, ​​in 2011. Since then, your #followmeto tag has led them to 4.5 million followers on Instagram.

As they explained themselves, they don't want "fast money": prefer to make few and better projects; They have even allowed themselves to reject many of those who proposed them. All this after building what they consider a solid brand with a community behind.

In addition, since not everything is money, they participate in charitable projects, which help them improve their notoriety.

Also, to obtain benefits, they are the ones that approach brands with marketing strategies. "We don't sit in Moscow and wait until the brands come to us”, Said Nataly.


Larissa Olenicoff is the author of the blog The Blonde Gypsy and has 22,000 followers on Instagram. Specialized in the Balkans (how many influencers do you know who talk about partying in Transnistria, on the border of Moldova with Ukraine?), Although he has traveled all over the planet, he had only been with his blog for eight months when he made money with advertising and sponsors.

However, he began to get more when, thanks to all his work, he began to guide small groups of people through those countries.

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