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The pizza of your life is in London

The guide to pizzerias where you suck your fingers in the British capital

Homeslice Pizza was born as a mobile wood oven and currently has four stores in London © Homeslice Pizza

The takeaway It is a classic of the nights - and often of the days - Londoners, but Pizza is no longer just a carb chute to be put in the mouth after a night of partying.

In recent years the pizza has been crowned as one of the queens of the London gastronomic scene, to the point that many independent pizzerias are expanding and becoming chains. Here are some of the best.


Is it really worth going to the neighborhood of Streatham to eat a pizza? The answer is YES, with capital letters.

The pizzas of these young people from southern Italy, smiling and tattooed, they get many Londoners to cross the city and travel south to their small place (2A Sunnyhill Road), to eat one of their delicious Neapolitan pizzas.

Wood oven, mother dough and classic pizzas, in addition to the chef's favorites, which include not-so-traditional ingredients: look for names like Maradona (tomato, mozzarella, sausages, peppers, black olives, capers and olive oil) or Tasty (Italian cherry tomatoes, buffala mozzarella, anchovies, basil, olive oil).

The extensive pizza menu includes Vegetarian and vegan options. All its pizzas are characterized by having a thin and light Neapolitan style dough.

The Tiramisu home It is the only dessert on the menu and it is worth leaving a hole to try it, it is delicious.


In this place located in the charming street of Exmouth Market The language that dominates the diners is usually Italian, which is always a good sign.

Independent and family business, rustic and endearing place, El Santoré (59 - 61 Exmouth Market) is known for offering “Pizza to the subway” -from half a meter to a meter-, and there it is easy to see groups enjoying the long pizzas any day and at any time.

There is more of 16 types of pizza to choose from, Among which there are vegetarian options. In addition, the good thing about Santoré is that being a style restaurant trattoria, in their menu they also have Pasta, meat and fish.

In Santoré the pizzas are served "to the subway" © Santoré


Pizzas made from sourdough, delicious and at very cheap prices. Who resists? Almost nobody!

Founded by the academic Giuseppe Mascoli In Brixton in 2008, Franco Manca went from being a small neighborhood pizzeria to expanding like gunpowder (32 pizzerias in London and 10 in the rest of England).

Your offer are simple pizzas whose name is a number (The 1 is tomato, garlic and oregano; the 2 tomato, mozzarella and basil ...) and to which you can add extra ingredients, such as chorizo.

In each restaurant there are specials of the day written on a blackboard and always include a vegetarian option. Of the starters it is worth trying their Puglia burrata.

Franco Manca has 32 pizzerias in London and 10 more spread throughout England © Franco Manca


Following the great success of his small store in Ealing, which opened in 2010 in southwest London with room for only 16 people, Angelo and Pasquale, the two founding Neapolitans of the Santa Maria pizzeria, they already have two more more central and bigger premises, in Fitzrovia and in Chelsea

When they opened their first store, decorated with religious motifs that are a nod to their name - boxes and figures of the virgin, crosses of all kinds -, many defined their pizzas as The best in the British capital.

It is worth trying the Santa Bufalina pizza. They have recently added a new section of vegan pizzas in which the cream of soy milk replaces the cheese of a lifetime.

The secret of Santa Maria's pizzas is not only in the dough and they tell everyone who wants to hear them: twenty-four hours of fermentation of the dough, little yeast, tomatoes from San Marzano and mozzarella imported from Italy.

Many define their pizzas as the best in the British capital © Santa María Pizzería


Located in a brewery in Hackney Wick, in the east of the capital, Crate Bar and Pizzeria (7, The white building), it is not at the hands of practically almost nothing, but it is very worth visiting, especially in the warm months, when you can enjoy the Tables on the terrace, at the edge of the canal.

In Crate, in addition to house beer and cider, you'll find innovative pizzas that break with the usual ingredients, such as sage and truffles, with gratin potatoes, or that of Sweet potato, stilton cheese and nuts.

The industrial spirit of the premises, Decorated with vintage furniture and pallets, it gives it even more character than its traditional pizzas already give it.


In Homeslice they offer 20 inch pizzas in two formats, fine cut pizza -that is, in individual pieces-, to choose between three different pizzas that usually include margarita, a vegetarian option and another with meat, or as whole pizzas, Because of their large size, they serve to feed two very hungry people, including three.

It is worth trying the Lamb with cabbage and yogurt with sumac sauce.

Homeslice Pizza was born in 2011, as a mobile wood oven which was consecrated selling pizza pieces at festivals and It currently has four stores in the capital.

The favorite of many is the lovely place Neal's Yard Square in Covent Garden, but you have to keep in mind that it is also the only one of the four that does not accept reservations.

Homeslice Pizza was born as a mobile wood oven and currently has four stores in London © Homeslice Pizza


Another of the great successes of the capital, Pizza Pilgrims was founded by the British brothers Elliot.

In the absence of Italian blood, both embarked on a six-week pilgrimage to discover the secret of the pizzas of that country after fantasizing about the idea of ​​opening a pizzeria after a night in the pub.

At present, a television show and a book later, the Elliot brothers have seven restaurants in London and one in Oxford and nobody asks about his lack of Italian credentials.

With its characteristic green tablecloths and its youthful and casual atmosphere, the Pizza Pilgrims menu includes "guest" pizzas that change monthly.

This month it plays carbonara, a white pizza with bacon, cream, mozzarella, topped by an egg yolk covered with parmesan and black pepper.

Its usual menu is worth trying the Nduja pizza and enjoy its main ingredient, the classic Calabrian spicy sausage. For dessert, the Pizza dough ring filled with Nutella and vanilla ice cream.

Pizza Gianfranco Gorgonzola from Pilgrims © Pizza Pilgrims


The story of Yard Sale Pizza (105 Lower Clapton Road) could well be part of one of those articles that say "You'll know you lived in Hackney if you ordered pizza to take away from Yard Sale Pizza."

Voted London's most beloved restaurant 2016 at the awards of Time Out magazine, for Yard Sale Pizza it all started in the garden of Johnnie, one of its founders, with a small oven in which they made weekly "clandestine" dinners for family and friends.

The word spread and, seeing the demand for pizza to go there, soon They opened their first store in Clapton, Hackney, famous for having been the venue for a concert by the Macaulay Culkin band.

That place was followed by another in Finsbury Park and a third in Walthamstow

With two size pizzas (12 and 18 inches), the space to sit is limited, but a good plan in good weather is to take your pizzas and go to enjoy them at a nearby park.

You have to try their delicious pepperoni and nduja pizza, Besides the TSB, which has broccoli, Manchego cheese, pine nuts, garlic and olive oil.

Have gluten free pizzas (only in the size of 12 inches) and vegan options (changing the cheeses for vegan cheeses).

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