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Do we travel along the cliffs of the Algarve?

This is the route 'two seven suspense vouchers'

Do we travel along the cliffs of the Algarve? © Tivoli Carvoeiro

Sun, sea, endless panoramas and Algarve, this last word says almost everything. What does Portugal have that attracts us so much? 'Pursuit two seven suspense vouchers' is one more proof of that, a route that runs between the Beach from Marinha until the Beach of Vale Centeanes.

A total of 11 km per cliffs bathed by him Atlantic sea that you can do at any time of the year, although yes until next April 1 you will not be able to start enjoying it. This walk is part of the T-Experience of the hotel Tivoli Carvoeiro Algarve Resort, which has recently been renovated as exclusive five star resort at Algarve.

This hotel is just 10 minutes from the fishing village of Carvoeiro and half hidden next to amazing cliff known as Vale Covo. Nature was on the part of the hotel so it is not surprising that they have offered this route to discover the beauty of its coves and also of an accommodation in an exceptional enclave.

Praia da Marinha in the Algarve. © Tivoli Carvoeiro

“In addition to the incredible views of the blue sky, green ocean, golden sand and rocks all the way it is possible to observe birds that take refuge in the rocky walls of the cliffs, including seagulls and cormorants; also see the interesting vegetation that includes species such as lentisks, junipers and oaks, agave trees and feel the scent of thyme and the sea, ”explains the director of Tivoli Carvoeiro, Mario Custodio, to Traveler.es.

Voucher of Centeanes in Carvoeiro. © Tivoli Carvoeiro

'Percurso dos Sete Suspenos Vouchers' is a path along the coastal cliffs crossed by seven waterways that over time have created small valleys from which the trail takes its name.

Start right outside the doors of Tivoli Carvoeiro, the hotel, and continues through an impressive landscape characteristic of this part of the Algarve called Windward, where they are also Albufeira, Lagos or Lagoa. Among other things, it offers a series of stops of interest in the Alfanzina lighthouse, built in 1913, and in the Paradise beaches of Carvalho Y Benagil, the latter best known for its cave called "the Algarve Cathedral ".

Benagil beach. © Tivoli Carvoeiro

The route that can be done with children, from 10 years, it lasts for two hours, although it is not the full one, which lasts about six, but can be done on request. For hotel guests it is free and can do it every Sunday of the month from Easter.

"To maintain energy, participants will receive a bottle of mineral water and a homemade cereal bar created by our chef, Bruno Rocha," explains Mario. While on arrival you will receive with open arms the Spa to get some treatments and massages.

This is the incredible cliff known as Vale Covo. © Tivoli Carvoeiro

Once a month the experience will be different, although they have not yet revealed how, but it will stop along the way and it will be gastronomic. “With this new experience we are directed to a traveler who wants to discover new destinations, totally immersed in the gastronomy, culture Y Lifestyle of the place, ”says Mario Custodio, director of Tivoli Carvoeiro Algarve Resort.

A sunset with these views. © Tivoli Carvoeiro

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