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Editor'S Choice - 2020

Restaurant of the Week: Coombeshead Farm

It all started with a pig love and today, Coombeshead Farm is the culinary retreat par excellence to eat incessantly.

Coombeshead Farm © Artur Tixiliski, Charlie McKay, Stephen Perez.

Get out of the car and the first thing you see is your hosts waiting for you at the door of an 18th-century Georgian house with open arms, as if you were a lifelong friend they missed. The English coldness here is not worth it. It is not expected.

You are at Coombeshead Farm, a 26-hectare farm located in Cornwall, almost 300 kilometers from London, far enough for the mobile to start losing bellows and forget the string of pending things that await you Monday at work. Now think about food, only food, and you'll be right. Because that's the only thing you've come to do over the weekend.

© Artur Tixiliski

At least this is how the English chefs conceived this gastronomic retreat April Bloomfield and Tom Adams, friends and partners because of their mutual and obsessive love for mangalic pigs with curly hair - raised in Cornwall - that Adams venerates in his restaurant Pitt Cue, one of the best barbecues in London and where everything is taken advantage of, from the nose to the tail and the gait of this glorious animal.

© Stephen Perez

After what Bloomfield Shoot your fame in the United States by devising one of the best burgers in Manhattan (with Michelin star included) in The Spotted Pig, Adams he broke into his plans to dominate North America - which he did with the opening of six more restaurants - with a discovery unable to keep to himself: a farm surrounded by meadows, streams and oak trees located in the same place of breeding of the subject of the swine affection of both.

In addition to a perfect place to plant, cultivate and harvest everything that the earth allowed. And all accompanied by a impressive house with five rooms converted into a bed and breakfast in which the only thing that matters is to enjoy eating. Sounds idyllic, and it is. Like when you wake up with the scent of a breakfast freshly made by Tom's early riser. Or while you chat with him in the open kitchen that connects to a communal table that allows you to observe how he prepares a rye and spelled granola, the preamble of some creamy scrambled eggs - granted by the chickens that you will find walking through the garden and interacting with the feline residents of the house - who succeed accompanied by a Crispy bacon from the (of course) pigs in the area.

Depriving yourself of something is completely prohibited with these premises, as long as we talk about local productions that encompass the philosophy of the house, so products such as olive oil or citrus fruits such as lemons will not cross your path.

But tranquility, because the coffee It is saved from such radical food exile thanks to the grains that reach your cup by courtesy of A local toaster.

© D.R.

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Coombeshead Farm, Lewannick, Cornwall.


+44 1566 782009

Half price

Double room from £ 175. Dinner from Thursday to Sunday £ 65. Lunch on Sundays £ 32.

Video: The Mind of a Chef Potluck Music Special (April 2020).

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