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Is it possible to eat OK in the Gran Vía of Madrid?

It is not easy to go for a walk through the main artery of the most tourist area of ​​the city and spontaneously locate a place to eat well without feeling a tourist anymore. Unless you have on hand this list of proposals to enjoy eating in the Gran Vía of Madrid.

In number 1 of the Gran Vía ... © La Primera


This route starts at number 1 (where else?) Of the Gran Vía, and there is, right on the first floor, the restaurant The first. A commitment to quality cuisine with all the essence of the north, as its owner and chef, Paco Quiros -Cañadío, La Bien Aparecida, La Maruca-, is a Cantabrian by birth and a lover of the cuisine that is made for his land.

Pure tradition in dishes that take us to the Sardinero beaches, As the dried rice with baked vegetables and mushrooms, the cod fritters wave roller hake, to name just a few of his tasty proposals. One address, that of the restaurant La Primera, which shows that looking up from the ground and looking up at Gran Vía has a reward.

You'll like it if ... You are one of those who enjoy a copious and well-founded meal.

(Gran Vía, 1. Average price € 35)

The First © D.R.


And if looking up has a prize, it also has to get lost in the streets surrounding the Gran Vía. Only then one bumps into Arallo Taberna, the new Amicalia group -Alborada, Ánima, Alabaster- that has reached the capital directly from A Coruña, where the original Arallo is located.

If you opt for this option, the first thing you have to keep in mind is that it is not a restaurant to use, but a local with a large bar placed in front of the kitchen in which cooks and waiters work at a frantic pace, and a row of high tables and sidewalks located just parallel to it.

Here everything revolves around the bar, as in the usual bars, where there were neither tablecloths nor great luxuries (for not having, there are hardly any covered, here they are all made of wood). Pure hooliganism and absolute informality, without protocols. But with a basic premise: exceed the expectations of cooking and service.

And they do it, with two cards, one solid and one liquid, which are like a trip from Galicia to Asia, fusing - or contaminating, as they themselves say - the best of each kitchen: nigiri croquettes of hake salpresa, cauliflower with coconut milk, kimchi and mussels, or their versions of pisco with pomace and negroni with vermouth. Why not.

You'll like it if ... You don't mind waiting to eat, they don't accept reservations. But it will be worth it.

(Queen, 31. Average price € 30)

Arallo Madrid, enjoy Atlantic cuisine like never before © Arallo Taberna


We continue along the streets next to Gran Vía, but without moving away just a few meters, which are those that separate the main artery of Burnout, a gourmet hamburger that has proposed to serve the perfect burger: premium meat -Galician blonde cow- knife chopped, hand molded, grilled and with a brioche-style artisan bread that gives it a very interesting sweet spot.

The cheese is an English cured cheddar, and the accompanying potatoes, homemade and fried in extra virgin olive oil. And all this, in the case of hamburgers, can not be more gourmet. For the first time, must try the Smokin ', with bacon, caramelized onion and May smoky sauce, or Cheezebrgr, a version of the classic cheese burger. Who is left wanting more, try one of their shakes NYC style. Vice.

You'll like it if ... You are a confessed lover of meat and real burgers made at the moment.

(Valverde, 6. Burger between € 9.90 and € 10.95).

Burnout, you can't resist temptation © BURNOUT


It is one of the great classics not only of the area but of Madrid, an old food house that has evolved over the years until becoming the great culinary reference that is today. That is why we have made a hole in this route, although its price is one of the highest we are going to propose.

Your current owner, Juanjo López -son of the founder of Tasquita- is the most responsible for his notoriety, he and his culinary creations in which the seasonal and market product are the real protagonists, without artifice.

Memorable her Guetaria tear peas with egg yolk, ham croquettes, marinated herring ajoblanco, fried hake cocochas or corns, an emblem on this side of the Gran Vía.

You'll like it if ... You are one of those who prefer small and charming places. East It only has eight tables and many works of art on its walls.

(Crossbow, 6. Average price: € 60)

Juanjo López, an essential Madrid classic © D.R.


The kitchen of this Porrón Canalla bears the signature of Juanjo López himself and his aforementioned Tasquita, but much more rogue and affordable, by the way.

Here only snacks are made, but not just any snacks: sandwiches like the ones prepared by mothers to snack as god commands, with top quality sausages, gourmet preserves and a bread so rich that it is to eat it in mouthfuls. Essential is marinated loin, bacon and peppers, or cockles and potato chips, a tribute to the most traditional snacks.

The fun does not end there, because to drink, and as its name suggests, here what it takes is the porrón, claiming once again the good customs of always.

You'll like it if ... you miss your mother's snacks for recess.

(Crossbow, 2. Snacks between € 4 and € 10)

Mussel sandwich with chips chips in El Porrón Canalla © El Porrón Canalla Facebook


As we approach Callao Square Restaurants with international flavors begin to appear, with a great Asian influence - although not alone.

In that context, Hattori Hanzo, the izakaya who has brought the most street dishes of bustling Tokyo to the capital, stands out. But nobody gets confused, because here there is no trace of sushis or makis. What you eat in this purist tavern, launched by the young chef and passionate about Japanese cuisine Borja Gracia (47 Ronin), is very faithful to the style of tapas served in the izakayas, but also to what the Japanese eat at home and in the streets.

Good examples are its emblematic ebimayo(lnarrow tempered tiger with rice caviar, oak leaf and spicy creamy sauce), the karaage (crispy marinated and tempted poultry chicken in katakuriko) or the takoyaki (homemade spheres, made one by one, of grilled Japanese dough stuffed with octopus with two sauces).

You'll like it if ... you love authentic food street food and the street atmosphere, because the restaurant seems taken from a typical street of Osaka.

(Innkeeper Romanos, 17. Average price: € 30)

Japanese street food © Hattori Hanzo


And from Japan to India, specifically to the streets of Mumbai. But without leaving the vicinity of Gran Vía. It is Surya, and what it brings to Madrid - previously passing through Barcelona, ​​where it already has two more homonymous restaurants - is the street kitchen of the clandestine food stalls of the Indian capital, in a totally casual and very colorful way.

A kitchen that perfectly knows Ketan, son of Indian parents and the architect behind Surya, In those kiosks one can eat naan artisan made in a tandoor oven - extremely addictive that of cheese-, and many curries.

And that is what also comes from the stove of Surya, where they give us the privilege of choosing between the softer flavors, such as Makhany curry with butter chicken sauce, and more powerful ones, such as Vindaloo, with green chili; For the not so daring, the Tikka masala is always a success.

And as in the streets of Mumbai it is very common to eat with your hands, in Surya too. Among those dishes of finger food the ones stand out Pakoras (Breaded vegetables with chickpea flour that are a delight) and the Papdi Chaat, a traditional dish that mixes pakoras with Bhel Puri (a combination of nuts, cookies and puffed rice), yogurt sauce, tamarind and mint. I will only say it one more time: a-dic-ti-vo.

You'll like it if ... You love to try genuine flavors that take you on a trip around the world without getting up from the table.

(Tudescos, 4. Average price € 20-25)

Surya, a full color plan © Surya Facebook


Five Guys puts the most Yankee note of the Gran Vía, with some burgers that are all the rage on the other side of the Atlantic and all over the world - they have more than 1,500 stores - and have among their addicts confessed to the very same Barak Obama. And the truth is that they are very good - they take good care of the quality of all their products.

Another of its strengths is the absolute rejection of boredom, because in a place like this it is impossible for you to get tired of eating hamburgers. If you don't want to, you don't have to always eat the same thing: they have 15 toppings free to choose so that everyone eats the burger they want, which guarantees that all are made at the moment, and always in sight.

And if the burgers are good, potatoes are not far behind. They are totally fresh - there is nothing frozen here - cut on the premises and fried in peanut oil. Peanuts, by the way, are another hallmark of this fast food chain: not only are they the perfect accompaniment for their burgers, but one can eat as much as you want and more. Why they are for free.

You'll like it if ... You are a fan of fast food and hooligan, but of quality.

(Gran Vía, 44. Burgers from € 6.50 to € 9.75)


They could not miss them: neither the baths, the Asian snack of steamed bread that has been revolutionizing the menus of the restaurants of the city for several years, nor the poke bowls, the new trendy food among foodies from the capital arriving from Hawaii.

And we are in luck because Buns and Bones It has both. His first restaurant, open in the market of Antón Martín is considered one of the pioneers in having a menu dedicated only to the bathrooms, and his second restaurant, in San Bernardo, the first to add the poké bowl.

That is why eating here is a success for the stomach - and, incidentally, for your social networks, especially if you are a regular Instagram. If you opt for the baths, you will have to choose between a fortnight -including a vegan, a version of the squid sandwich and even one of ramen-, but you will be sure with the shrimp tempura in Japanese garlic or tonkatsu, with Iberian prey and coleslaw. If you prefer poké, marinated salmon is a delight, accompanied by rice, edamame, avocado, cashews, leek and sesame.

You'll like it if ... In addition to the bathrooms and pokemon you like grilled Asian dishes. We look in the 'bones' section.

(San Bernardo, 12. Buns price from € 4.20 to € 6.40)

You can finally go with your group of friends © Buns & Bones


July -your real name is Yong Ping Zhang- takes us on a journey through the best of Asian cuisine in its Lamian by Soy Kitchen, the tavern in the Plaza de los Mostenes - less than two minutes walk from Gran Vía.

What began as a neighborhood Chinese with slots and everything, has become a tavern with a lot of style; but what has not changed is the brand new and affordable Asian food that Julio prepares in his stoves, with the flag lick.

The licked It's your star dish chinese noodles with meat -In your case, oxtail or sirloin steak to be precise. And the dim sum, which fills with proposals as traditional as anchovies in vinegar. Pure Asian fusion with foundation.

You'll like it if ... You want to be surprised with genuine Chinese dishes.

(Plaza de Mostenses, 4. Average price € 25)

Ramen Jackie Chang you're not Bruce Lee in Lamian by Soy Kitchen © D.R.


Missing mention of some Italian on this route, right? Well we have it located. Es Oven, the monumental restaurant -by the dimensions of its two floors- overlooking the busy Gran Vía.

Pizza likes everyone, and if they are made in a stone oven - here we can see it on the ground floor, for everyone's view -, with ingredients brought from Italy and traditional style, even the Italians like it.

That's what happens with the pizzas of this 'Mozzarella Bar', handmade there roman and with special flours, among them of ecological spelled ground to the stone and that also comes from Italy, then following a slow fermentation process (48 hours), which achieves a thin, light and especially digestive dough -something that seems to go against the word pizza itself, as many understand it-.

That is one of Oven's secrets, and the pear and truffle pizzas wave classic spicy diabola, two of his main culprits.

You'll like it if ... You want to discover the taste of authentic Roman pizza.

(Gran Vía, 6. Pizzas between € 9.5 and € 11.5)

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