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Your dog likes the north: four plans in the Basque Country in which he will be your ideal companion

Enjoy the holidays with the whole family (and yes, here we also include your dog) it is possible and every time more easy. It only requires a bit of planning before getting going.

With him, holidays know better © Alamy

If you have not yet visited the Basque Country with your dog, after reading our recommendations You will not be able to resist. No matter what you are an urban, you prefer nature, be a foodie inveterate or a whole cultureta. There are options for all tastes. The best? You will always be accompanied by your best friend.


The famous 'painted forest', officially known as the Oma Forest, is a magical place in the Urdaibai Biosphere Reserve. To get to the forest you must go some three kilometers on foot from the parking lot of Lezika-Basondo, and there is nothing that prevents you from doing it with your dog. Remember to bring a bottle of water and you are ready to enjoy the adventure and magic of this unique space where they come together The artistic and the natural. A fairly simple tour of something more than seven kilometers in total.

A magical forest © Alamy


Most museums and tourist attractions may not support the entry of animals, but that does not mean that Traveling with a dog is incompatible with doing a cultural route. If this also includes a nature walk, better.

The Paseo de La Galea, in Getxo, is one of the areas of spreading registered by the town hall. This means that, within a few hours, Your can can run free of the leash. In Getxo, the schedule is somewhat wider than in other Basque cities, so you can enjoy from six in the afternoon until eleven in the morning of the next day. Come on, perfect for a walk at sunset, or early in the morning, to avoid the hottest hours.

The Galea It is a walk that runs along the coast of Getxo, from where you can enjoy the best views of Puerto del Abra. Many compare the landscape to the white stone cliffs of Normandy, in France; or the famous Dover cliffs, In England.

Along the route you will also find several tourist sites such as Aixerrota Mill, dating from 1726, and the Fort of La Galea, also from the 18th century. In addition, you can see the cemetery of Our Lady of Carmen, neoclassical style; the church of Andra Mari, from the 12th century; the lighthouse of La Galea; and the Aizkorri and Wild beaches.

In La Galea, your dog can run free © Alamy


Although each city has its own, if you are looking for a city break we recommend you Bilbao for how easy it is to find accommodation, parks, walks and restaurants that Accept dogs.

Start with a visit to Europa Park or Etxebarria Park so that you can stretch your legs before starting to discover the city. Then, stroll through the surroundings of the Guggenheim museum and visit Puppy The Terrier puppy sculpture guarding the door.

Unfortunately, you and you will have to settle for admiring the museum from the outside, since Animals are not allowed. Paradox? We think a little, considering the famous work at the entrance.

Continue for him Salve Bridge and his monstrous spider, and by the edge of the Nervion river. Approach the Memory Walk to admire more sculptures and stroll to the Bilbao cathedral. In the Park of the Ducks your can will run free regardless of the time, in an area enabled for it.

You can only see the Guggenheim from the outside, but still, it will be worth it! © Alamy

Do you prefer a kayaking excursion? It is also possible. The boys of Bilbao Kayak They offer routes to discover the city from another perspective. And your dog is invited!

After so much walking, it is necessary regain strength by taking some pintxos. We recommend the Heros street, where you will find several places to share from a pinchito de tortilla to a hamburger With your dog Mr. Marvelous It is one of those places where they always have prepared a fresh water bowl For your furry customers. In the same street you will find other places like Bitoque Gastrobar or the Charlotte Gastrobar. In the latter, his hamburger is highly recommended Black Angus

At Old Town you will find Belfos and Truffles, a dog bar with gourmet pastry and even dog beers. They also offer other services such as hairdresser and nursery for hours, in the event that you are in the city to attend an event that your dog cannot attend.


If Bilbao is a very doggy city, so are your hotels Fortunately there are Many options in the city to find accommodation if you travel with your dog, but we recommend hotels in Petit Palace For two reasons: you won't have to pay supplement, and also include a welcome pack for your dog with goodies, drinking fountain, a bed and even toys.

Petit Palace is a hotel chain that you can find in several cities in Spain. In Bilbao they have two establishments: the Petit Palace Arana Hotel, in the old town; and the Petit Palace Tamarises Hotel, in Getxo. If what you want is tour the city, we recommend the first one, since you can leave the hotel directly to make a Gastronomica route and discover Bilbao.

If you are looking for a cheaper accommodation but just like a dog, we recommend the Zubia pension, also in full center of Bilbao. They accept dogs of all sizes both in their rooms and in common areas, and in addition guests who need it can request drinker and bed. Upon prior request, you can book a Babycare service" in case you want to miss a while to, for example, visit the Guggenheim. In addition, just below the pension, you will also find La Camelia Vegan Bar, a vegan bar, as the name implies, where you can go with your dog.

As if that were not enough, just a few meters from the pension is the El Arenal park, with green areas, and just 15 minutes away, the Etxebarria Park, one of the largest green areas of the city.

Unfortunately, like all recreational areas for dogs in Bilbao, it has some established time slots on when to release your dog, but it is the perfect place for the morning walk and at the end of the day. From June to October, your dog can run free from 8:00 p.m. to 11:00 a.m.

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