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Atlántico breaks into Madrid this summer with the freshest proposal

The summer letter arrives at Atlantic Meal House. Surprising with its traditional and modern touch since 2015, the rose of Madrid Pepe Solla Overflows freshness and originality.

Spatter of mackerel ceviche © Atlántico

Atlantic Meal House, the most homemade and traditional point of Pepe Solla, is preparing for the summer with a new Light, fresh and fun proposal. And for this, Lucía Lema, Solla's right hand and admiral of the Galician invincible fleet, has put the batteries with that good rollazo that characterizes them.

Lucia comes from Costa da Morte. He started as 'stagiaire' with Pepe en Poio, his flagship, until in 2015 he moved to Madrid to direct this new and fabulous gastronomic adventure. “Atlantic is going back to the origins, to the food houses. That you eat rich and simple is our maxim. We defend a top quality product. Because Galicia is much more than seafood ” says the chef. And, in addition, he adds that what he likes most about working in Atlántico is made up of his colleagues who make the project move forward, and their clients, who make everyday challenges that make them overcome.

Flame octopus with green curry © Atlántico

Entering the Atlantic is almost like entering a fish market after a hard day on the high seas. Some of the walls remind us of those fishermen's houses of yesteryear, workers of our seas. The approach is totally sailor in white and blue tones, as between fishermen's huts. On the wall a table simulating the bulls where the catches of the ships were recorded, playing with a floor that could smell like sea.

Three spaces give the key: in addition to the living room, You can also enjoy a specific card at the bar where there is no shortage of canned food (seal of the Solla house), scallops, croquettes, canned and pancakes, including some ceviches. In the restaurant you cannot ask for a bar menu, however we have the terrace to make it fresh.

Almost like entering a fish market after a day on the high seas © Atlántico

Nothing is touched in the letter and the idea is to share. Classic-style hake or low-temperature hake remain, as do the rib, the Galician beef steak, the beautiful kimchi, the casserole of mussels scented with green curry in albariño sauce and leeks or the classic empanada. Celeiro hake is still a 'hype', cooked to a point that is not of this world, although the croaker faces him with his legion of fans.

The summer letter it is a letter very based on the roots of those who make up Atlantic, with fresher dishes where asparagus and sardine are shown. The caldeirada with sea bass, more spicy in winter, is now more citrus thanks to the lime. In the meats a marinated Gallo breast appears, round and round like a tataki, with a chickpea salad and an avocado hummus. Citrus fruits return to the roasted knuckle with citronella, Because it's summer and the citrus craves, it screams at you.

abo-y-verduritasRoasted stew, pure? of celery, turnip and vegetables © Atlántico

The sun gives a lot of energy, and perhaps that was what encouraged to invent the most incredible dish: The Tomato, one of the surprises of the season. It is nothing more than a pink tomato the size of an asteroid of apocalyptic film, marinated, roasted and coated with more citrus. An explosion of flavor for delirium, which wives you at the table and kidnaps you. In desserts, They keep the cakes and integrate a coulant of tetilla cheese and a creamy pomace and caramel strudel.

Simplicity, flavor and freshness These are the keys that define Atlántico Casa de Comidas in its new proposal for the summer. Neither Galifornia nor Galizia Calidade, The most absolute pleasure of those lands can also be found next to El Retiro.

Pomace and caramel cream strudel © Atlántico


Because Galicia is not only fish, we can discover fabulous meats. Because citrus smells and tastes like summer. Because the customer service is exemplary. Because the Atlantic terrace discovers 'afterworks' where food is important.


The Atlantic are expanding. In May 2016, they opened Casa de Petiscos in Menéndez Pelayo, more designed for tapas. In January of this year they opened another Petiscus House in Valencia. The perfect alternative for tapas lovers.


Direction: Velázquez Street, 31
Phone: 91.435.63.16
Schedule: every day from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. and from 8:00 p.m. to 11:30 p.m. Sundays only mornings. Bar hours until 02:00 h
Medium Ticket: 50 euros

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Eat the ocean in Madrid © Atlántico

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