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Rome for expats

Rome It is in all probability the most Spanish city in Italy (relaxed, welcoming, 'caciarona' -ruidosa- ...). Even so, you are destined to suffer morriña. It is the law of life, it happens to all expatriates.

In these places in Rome you will stop missing Spain © Alamy

If you miss your mother's croquettes - and your mother -, the most sensible thing we can recommend you is to return to Spain a few days, if it is a momentary craving, of those that can be placated by eating a good paella or listening to your same language, we can help you.


Are you sure you can eat authentic italian dishes daily you want to go to a Spanish restaurant? This is what I would tell you - and probably told you - any Roman friend you ask about this subject. Italians are very ours with food, we like exotic and different flavors, but nothing will ever be as delicious as a good dish of pasta or pizza, hence international restaurants do not usually abound in most Italian cities. But nevertheless, tapas, ham and other Spanish specialties are making a hole in the Italian capital, for your happiness and for that of curious palates.

Pedro's Tavern (Via Pietro Whurer, 15)

Juan Pedro Fernández Sánchez, 'Pedro' for all, is one of the most famous Spanish hoteliers in the city. Its renovated premises house shows of all kinds and has a terrace and different dining rooms. The most common is 'affidarsi a Pedro', that is, let him choose the selection of typical dishes that, depending on the season and the purchase of the day, can not be missing in your tasting menu. Do not forget to book and if you want to be aware of all the cultural activities of the tavern, sign up for the newsletter. If you are looking for a place to celebrate a private event or a corporate event, this is the place.

Border (Via del Mattonato, 41/42)

It is a must for anyone who visits Trastevere and be looking for tapas, Iberian, Spanish beers and a good glass with Brugal rum. One day a week they usually organize language exchanges, they also host live music on Saturdays, performances by monologists and exhibitions. And if Spain plays and you don't know where to go to watch the game, come here and you'll be right. In short, in La Frontera they have managed to transfer a little piece of Spanish culture to this characteristic neighborhood, without falling into clichés.

Skewers at home in La Frontera © Facebook / La Frontera

El Garito del Flaminio (Viale Pinturicchio, 192)

A few minutes from Olympic Stadium and Ponte Milvio, this place is ideal to take a appetizer - the Italian, in the afternoon - fusion. Offers a wine list and craft beers quite wide, pizzas with sausage or serrano ham and endless quality Spanish products, such as cecina de León, Cantabrian anchovies or Pata Negra Iberian Ham. If you move by car, you will be interested to know that there is the possibility of parking quite close, in Plaza Mancini.

El garito de Flaminio © Facebook / El garito de Flaminio

Bulls and tapas (Via Nomentana, 79)

No, the name is not one of the luckiest, but its gastronomic proposal is one of the most authentic in the Italian capital, in fact, the portions are very similar to those found in Madrid. Small and cozy, contemplates Galician octopus, croquettes, Catalan cream, beef jerky, Spanish cheeses, Iberian ham Pata Negra de Acorn, tiger mussels and of course, paella and sangria.

Of tapas (Via Cassia, 1877 - C.c. Olgiata Shopping Plaza)

With a modern environment, This place makes you feel at home, thanks to its paella, tapas, fideuá with seafood and sangria very rich, but above all, thanks to the wonderful Susana's deal, owner of this little Spanish corner in Rome.

Lizarran (Via dei Traghetti, 188/198) 100 Montaditos (various addresses)

Do you miss Lizarrán skewers or 100 Montaditos fleas? You are in luck because the firm specialized in Basque skewers has opened a branch in Ostia, the beach area of ​​Rome, while 100 Montaditos has 10 establishments in the Italian capital and some of them are located in fairly central areas, such as Colosseo, Piazzale Monte Milvio or Via Triburtina, 141.

Pizza with chorizo ​​in Flaminio © D.R.


If you like pipes, the best thing is that you take them from Spain, because in Italy sunflower seeds represent the typical food for parrots, so, they are only sold in stores for animals, Usually, in supermarkets you will find almost everything, for example, it is quite easy to find the San Miguel beer or Cola Cao. Also in Lidl, although it is a German chain, there is usually almost always chistorra, paella and digestible precooked potato tortillas.

Iberian (Circonvallazione Clodia, 161)

If you are looking for a little more gourmet products you can go to Prati neighborhood, specifically to the Iberian store. It is quite small but offers the best of Spain, from Cola Cao to cans of varied preserves, passing through Loins, sausages, hams, beef jerky, rice, legumes ...

You, looking for a Spanish sausage shop © Alamy


Instituto Cervantes in Rome (Via Villa Albani, 16)

It is the most important institution to follow the track to know everything that happens in Rome with respect to exhibitions, language courses, conferences, book presentations and other activities related to Spanish culture and in Spanish.

In Rome (Piazza delle Crociate, 2)

The EnRoma website is one of the most complete if you want to do tourism in a personalized way and with Spanish guides. Further, Organize itineraries for Spanish culture in Christian Rome; guided tours 'Spain in Rome'that revolve around the history of the characters who have lived their status as Spaniards in this city; and literary tours to enjoy the Rome of writers J. Reverte, Oscar M. Prieto, Enric González, S. Posteguillos, A. Jimenez Bartlett.

Spagnola Library (Via di Monte Brianzo, 60)

To buy the latest news published in Spanish, attend cultural activities, meet authors passing through Rome or find texts about Rome in Spanish, go to this bookstore near Piazza Navona. If you are a member of EnRoma you are entitled to a 10% discount on guides or books about Rome and 15% on souvernirs.

The Roman bookstore with 'ñ' © Librería Spagnola

María Zambrano Library (Via di Villa Albani, 16)

It is the library to consider to deepen the study of the languages ​​and cultures of Spain and Latin America or the figure of this writer and philosopher who lived and wrote part of his work in Rome, in fact, the library has a section dedicated to it. It has a continuously updated collection of almost 34,000 copies on all media and offers a wide range of services. It is the depository of the publications of the Italian Association of Hispanists (AISPI) and is the only library in the Cervantes Institute Library Network With this function.

Hispanic ink (Vicolo della Tinta, 1)

If what you want is to attend events, conferences, workshops, exhibitions, language courses, tours, cultural visits, excursions and other activities related to Latin American culture, do not lose sight of this association. His job is to promote theSpanish language Y spread cultural notions both Spanish and Latin American. You will silence nostalgia and also boredom.

Hispanic Ink © Facebook / Hispanic Ink

Royal Academy of Spain in Rome (Piazza San Pietro in Montorio, 3)

Its main role is to promote the training of creators, restaurateurs and researchers and it does so through exhibitions, readings, concerts, plays, etc.

Training Spanish creators and researchers © Facebook / Royal Academy of Spain in Rome

Spanish School of History and Archeology in Rome (Via di Sant'Eufemia, 13)

It is one of the largest international research campuses in human sciences. Other of its fundamental aspects are the formation of Young specialists in History and Archeology and the promotion of historical relations between Spain and Italy.

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No more morriña © Alamy

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