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Berlin: spring use and enjoyment manual

At last! Spring is here. And, with it, the time to take out the picnic blanket, to jump to read in a park, to go out with the bicycle to tour the city, to stay with friends to have a beer (or several) in a Biergarten

Spring in Berlin, IT EXISTS! © Alamy

In case you still have any doubt about how to enjoy spring in the German capital, here are a few tips beyond the typical walk through the Tiergarten. Or of Karaoke of the Mauerpark.


If you have ever seen Berlin from above you will have noticed that it is a green lung. In any of its neighborhoods you will find parks in which to lie in the sun like the Volkspark Friedrichshain, Volkspark Humboldthain, Volkspark Wilmersdorf, Hasenheide, Treptower Park or Victoria Park With his cataract. Each one has its charm but if you want to discover new quiet places that will make you fall in love, visit the Volkspark am Weinbergsweg or the Körnerpark. Another rather unknown park is the Natur-Park Südgelände, an old railway maneuvering yard that today is a park and museum, as it retains railway relics. And if you want to discover all the parks and gardens of Berlin, here is the list.

A waterfall in the city center: Viktoriapark © Flickr Graccem / Creative Commons

Although if what you want is to get away from the city (but not too much) and enjoy Thoreau, it is best that you approach Grunewald, a forest west of Berlin and the largest green expanse of the city. It is also a perfect place for a hot day: many of the lakes in Berlin are within this natural area.

Sakura is also a Berlin phenomenon © Alamy

Another option is to walk in the sun while soaking up some knowledge: visiting the botanical garden or enjoying the flowers of Britz Garten. Although you can also enjoy the most hipster side of Berlin in the urban garden of Prinzessinnengarten or in the one in the Tempelhofer Feld.

Prinzessinnengarten urban garden © Alamy

Britzker Garten © Alamy

In addition, this year the German capital hosts the IGA the International Gartenausstellung (the international garden festival). Opened a few days ago and until mid-October, you can enjoy this festival in the Gardens of the World (Garten der Welt) and its surroundings: to the well-known park, and which is a must-see during the time of cherry blossoms, new gardens have been added and connected to the Wuhletal Valley and the Kienberg Park through a funicular.

The gardens of the world in Berlin © Alamy


Another option to enjoy the good weather is… play ping pong! There are many tables scattered throughout the city that can be used freely. On this map you can find all the ping pong tables in the city as well as comments on their status. Although if what you really like is adventure, go to the Waldhochseilgarten Jungfernheide: a park where you can feel like Tarzan climbing and walking through the trees.

The Sun sometimes appears in Berlin © Alamy

Another good way to move is dancing! With good weather comes the season of the Open air and unavoidable events such as the Carnival of Cultures, which this year is celebrated during the First weekend of June. A weekend full of world music and a great parade.

Finally, always keep in mind that nobody knows what spring will last and if summer will come after it ... so don't let the whitish color of your skin throw you back and go outside. And, of course, always carry an umbrella. Even if the sun rises and it's hot, you live in Berlin.

But he always carries an umbrella, foolish © Alamy

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