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Editor'S Choice - 2020

Wines to celebrate, and forget this 2016

What a horrible year, right? The Brexit, Donald Trump and the deaths of (the list is endless) Carrie Fisher, David Bowie, Alan Rickman, Prince or Muhammad Ali. We provide the bells with twelve essential oenological experiences.

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Let's say it clearly: every time you drink less (and worse) wine. It is true that we are living the flowering (never better) of Marco de Jerez, a steamroller without which it is impossible to understand haute cuisine today - no great restaurant without piles or sticks cut in their pairings. But that the trees do not prevent us from seeing the forest: wine consumption per person per year has fallen 15% in 12 years (2000-2012), ranking as one of the lowest in Europe. And most worrisome, young people have left the royal enological universe because of the casual and summertime call of beer: a simple and uncomplicated drink. And this is like crying: “Currently, The price of Spanish wines internationally stands at 1.10 euros per liter, reflecting the lowest level in the world”.

What is the way for so many wineries, then? Well, back to the origin of why we drink wine: enjoy without more. He came not as a sign of distinction, not as status, not as the treasure that is kept for who knows what event. Wines to drink (no more, no less) wines that tell us about ourselves. Small producers and processors absolutely committed to their origin and their environment; winemakers storytellers, honest workers with the soul set in the vineyard and look without prejudice towards native grapes (which translates, in many occasions, into recovery of forgotten varieties) as Hondarribi Beltza, Zuri, Palomino, Trepat or Xarel·lo.

We want to welcome 2017 with a handful of wines from Spain and Portugal (from Ribeira Sacra to Priorat) whose hallmark is pleasure and honesty. Health!

Ojo de Gallo © Jesús Terrés (@nadaimporta)


Quinta da Muradella Oxidative Aging 2009 (Monterrei). Cigüente - Quinta da Muradella

“We are farmers and nothing else. Wine is a consequence. The wine passes, the earth remains. ” Hail, Jose Luis Mateo.

Phinca Sleeping Rufete Blanco 2010 (Salamanca). White Rufete - DSG Vineyards

David Sampedro has recovered for the charro consumer the native variety Rufete Blanco, from the Sierra de Salamanca.

Ojo de Gallo, Estévez Group (Jerez). Palomino Fino, Jerez

100% Palomino Fino from the Macharnudo Alto vineyards and a twist in the “Sherry Revolution” - a white wine without heading (without added alcohol) that recovers a necessary tradition (I think) for the definitive consecration of the Framework.

Akilia K 2013 (Bierzo). Palomino fino, Doña blanca - Akilia

Mario Rovira manually harvest this highly sought after (only one thousand bottles) "Valdesacia": a very small plot of 300 70-year-old strains of Palomino fino and Doña blanca.

Alba Mosto 2014 (Sanlucar de Barrameda). Palomino sanluqueña - Alba Viticultores

The beginning of the revolution in Jerez: from two mythical payments, Mahina and Miraflores. 'Alba' of albariza, like the white and mineral soil that sees it being born.

Algueira Climbing Godello Lías 2012 (Ribeira Sacra). Godello - Adega Algueira

The Godello is in fashion - that is a fact, and this Algueira fermented on lees for 12 months is one of its best ambassadors.

Alba is called © Jesús Terrés (@nadaimporta)


Raúl Pérez Family Wine 2011 (Cebreros). Garnacha - Rául Pérez

Little more can be said of Raúl Pérez: winemaker, consultant, winemaker without limits that for this Family Wine has been surrounded by Flequi Berruti, César Ruiz and Nacho Jiménez (of the Wine Dry Cleaner)

Mahara 2012 (Cádiz). Tintilla de Rota - Mahara

The challenge of the brothers José and Miguel Gómez is not easy: recover the Tintilla de Rota in the Balbaíno payment and make a red wine of this caliber in the Marco de Jerez. They have done.

7 Fountains El Lance 2012 (Orotava Valley). Listán Negro - Lucky of the Marquis

Centennial strains in just 9 hectares in the Teide skirt. The García-Lima family produces very personal wines in the Orotava Valley (Tenerife) like this magnificent 7 Fuentes.

The Witch Breakdown 2013 (Madrid). Garnacha - Command G

Fruit, fruit and more fruit. Simple wine (not easy) made with 80-year-old Grenache from Cadalso and Rozas de Puerto Real, between Madrid and Ávila. Fun and vibrant Live!

Terroir al Límit Torroja Vi de la Vila 2012 (Priorat). Garnacha and Cariñena - Terroir al Límit

Eben Sadie and Dominik A. Huber or the second Priorat revolution. Biodynamic viticulture, limited yield by strains and blind faith at work in the vineyard. A portent of wine.

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