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Heading to Portugal: Ericeira gastrosurfera route

We go to Portugal, to the Lisbon region, in search of epic waves in one of the European surf capitals. We talk about Ericeira, one of the world's first surf reserves. There reside two of the best European surfers such as Portuguese Tiago Pires (best Portuguese surfer in history) or our star Gony Zubizarreta. We will also test your most succulent gastronomic proposals and rest in your most famous camps. Prepared?

Enter the surf paradise: Ericeira © Lapoint Surf Camp

Beaches that seem sculpted for surfing, with good atmosphere and high quality waves, await us. Here it starts a trip southbound (as if we came from Peniche along the coast towards Lisbon) to enjoy life with a board.

The first stop is mandatory: Praia de São Lourenço. A solid right with great force in the purest Sunset Beach style in Hawaii. Your peace of mind is your best business card since it is usually deserted. Medium-high level.

Praia de São Lourenço © Alamy

The myth is called Praia dos Coxos. A rock right is not suitable for apprentices or for people with little education. The locals feel this show (you will notice this when you see them pass the first section inside the tube). Few jokes with its size. A wave candy that works more than people think and with many possibilities.

On the opposite side of the bay sits Crazy left. A dry and short left, with quick sections. Good option if Coxos is full of premises, which you have to respect.

Do you know Dig? We imagine so. The best in the world have gone and risked their physical integrity in this right slab. Do not even try if you are not an expert, better a local beer and enjoy tubes like trucks from the cliff.

Praia dos Coxos © Alamy

In its vein is the world famous Praia da Ribeira d'Ilhas. There you will find several sections from the small door to the peak, stretching to the stream that ends under the stairs of a spectacular viewpoint. One of the longest and most perfect rights in Europe, a necessary stop if you are a surfer. Dozens of competitions are held a year in it.

If you want to level up you have the Reef and Backdoor. Perfect waves at your fingertips. Park and observe, they are sensitive and delicate, the direction of the waves and the wind affects them a lot.

If yours are the left you will have to settle in Praia da Pedra Branca. A drop in the air, a tube and a handful of turns will leave you happy.

Praia da Ribeira d'Ilhas © Alamy

Something easier, for intermediate initiation levels, is Praia do Matadouro. It is located opposite a Quiksilver store. An enjoyment for the whole family with a noble wave, right and also left at high tide. When you get out of the water, stop by the Quick Skatepark. One of the best skateparks in Europe, and free!

We leave the town center and some winter wave behind, until we reach Praia da Foz do Lizandro. The Lizandro River is wonderful to practice paddle surfing next to a sandy beach of legend. Here the good waves reign, the swells are nonexistent and good lefts emerge with south wind.

Praia da Foz do Lizandro © iStock

Ericeira would not understand without stopping to taste their gastronomic proposals. Cervejaria O Pescador (Rua do Moinho, 6; Santo Isidoro) It does not fail: typical Portuguese food, its specialties are seafood rice, octopus rice and the best fish in the area. Good surfing atmosphere created by this mythical family of Ribamar, an adjoining town. A couple of facts: dish of the day 8 euros and next to Coxos. Who gives more?

We go downtown, to the hustle and bustle, to toast with some beers in Tik tak (Rua 5 of Outubro, 7, Ericeira), Portuguese and Brazilian food. Do not miss the picanha and the entrecote, their specialties.

Prawns in the Tik Tak Restaurant © Tik Tak Restaurant Facebook

If you are looking for avant-garde and elegance, enter Uni Sushi (Rua Fonte do Cabo nº44-A. Ericeira), sushi of very good quality in the center of Ericeira. And without leaving the area we have the Mar d'Areia (Rua da Fonte do Cabo 49; Ericeira), the classic Portuguese restaurant with good fish grelhado (grilled). You can choose yours let the grill do its job. Sardines, sea bream or sea bass (bass) never fail.

What you can never miss between surfing and surfing is to eat fast and well. Stop by Pizzamobile São Lourenço, Ribamar (Coxo Longo, Santo Isidoro; Ribamar). Spacious and with a good surfing atmosphere, its thin-crust pizzas overlooking a bay with powerful rights will conquer you.

That we want a beach bar or not to leave the beach, because we are going to Limipicos (Rua do Passadiço, Bar 6; Foz do Lizandro), in Praia da Foz do Lizandro. In its varied letter you will find from quesadillas to Peggie Burguers or Açai Bowls. Its fruit juices (some detox) and its views of the waves will make you not want to leave the beach.

Uni Sushi, the creative side © Uni Sushi Facebook

So much surfing and so much food has left us very tired, so we will have to look for accommodation, stop by a school or get a board. Lapoint Surf Camp Y Pocean They are the best schools and camps in Ericeira, a very good experience to enjoy the waves in Portugal. And, of course, if you want tables, your site is Semente, the pioneer and sheriff of the place.

If you still have time to rest and forget surfing, stroll through the Church district: its labyrinthine streets, tiles and craft shops two fishermen will take you to Praia. Then you can remember everything lived in this surfing capital called Ericeira, but not before having a drink in the Ouriço (Rua Capitão João Lopes, 9; Ericeira).

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