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Editor'S Choice - 2020

An illustrator draws a world in which books are part of the landscape

What if the books we read later occupy each of the landscapes we travel? What if they continued to accompany us, reminding us with their physical presence of the stories they set in motion in our imagination? Because books go from that, to imagine, to activate the machinery of our brain and make it work, as if it were one more skill. This is what the artist Jungho Lee, author of a series of illustrations, thinks in which books colonize traveling landscapes and our daily lives.

'Ark' © Jungho Lee

Korean and a resident of Seoul, Jungho Lee worked since 2007 as an illustrator for different media, until he decided to leave to focus on the books. Fruit of that decision was the publication of Promenade, a book about books, books on landscapes, books on landscapes that want to claim the imagination around the book, placing them in situations that differ greatly from the habitat to which we associate them, explain on the website of the Sang Publishing, which published the book in April this year.

'Departure' © Jungho Lee

These 21 illustrations, hand drawn and subsequently scanned and digitally treated, have earned him the World Illustration 2016 award in the professional book category, they report in The Guardian. "The common link of all these illustrations is give a surreal vision of the book that helps us strengthen our imagination about this object ", says Jungho Lee on the website of the Association of Illustrators that awards these awards.

These are the landscapes that Jungho imagines colonized by books and that we have known through the Lost At E Minor website.

'The philosophy room' © Jungho Lee

'Meditation' © Jungho Lee

'Pilgrimage' © Jungho Lee

'Invitation' © Jungho Lee

'Minerva' © Jungho Lee

'Absorbed' © Jungho Lee

'Tradition' © Jungho Lee

'Loneliness' © Jungho Lee

'Greeting' © Jungho Lee

Video: Illustration Master Course - Ep. 4: LANDSCAPES & ENVIRONMENTS (March 2020).

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