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The best Brazilian restaurants in Madrid (according to Brazilian palates)

Gastromaravillas 'brasileiras' © iStock

According to the estimates of the Casa do Brasil, The Brazilian community in Madrid is about 15,000 people. "But we are very permeable people," says Cássio Romano, the director of this cultural center and college, where next Thursday, August 11, on the occasion of the film's premiere The violin teacher, a Brazilian party will be held with music and typical food.

“Traditionally, we are a society that has received emigration, so we mix a lot with people, we don't stay in ghettos. ” Perhaps it is that adaptability to the place where they are allowed control your gastromorriña. Because those with whom we talked, agreed not to miss his kitchen so much. Or because "Spanish food is already very good," as Romano said. Or because they return to Brazil frequently. Or maybe because they still find it hard to find some typical Brazilian dishes in Madrid. And it is that the cuisine of Brazil is as diverse and wide as the country is. In any case, among all of them we have achieved develop a guide foodie flavored with Brazil.


The different types of barbecue meat, from the picanha At the chorizo ​​or chicken steak, they are one of the national pride in Brazil. And, therefore, one of the things they miss most when they live abroad, but, fortunately, also one of the most exported and found in other countries. In Brazil, the best churrascos are eaten in Rio Grande do Sul, the land of the gauchos.

Camilo Conte, Brazilian resident in Madrid and art director, is from that area of ​​southern Brazil and for him it is important that when he goes to a churrasqueira be there “Variety of types of meat but, above all, that the picanha is of good cut”. His favorite restaurant for churrasco in Madrid is Vila Brasil, because the meat “is served accompanied by other traditional dishes, as pão de queijo, farofa (cassava flour) or kibe, for example. As it is served in Brazil, not for tourists. ”

Fernanda Godoy, a freelance journalist married to a Spaniard, is "very carnivorous" and, after a year living in Madrid, is still looking for Brazilian restaurants, but You already have a favorite for the churrasco: Rubaiyat. “Meat is what I miss most,” he says and here he satisfies that morriña. “In addition, their caipirinhas are delicious, the appetizers include pão de queijo and, for dessert, they have goiabada, another one of my favorites ”, bill. "And another thing that I appreciate is the service, the deal with the people, more delicate and closer"

Carnivores, pleasure is this © Rubaiyat

Cássio Romano, a resident of Madrid for 32 years and director of the Casa do Brasil, has made a list of churrasqueiras, according to the budget: "If you're looking for cheaper, it's Brass and Firewood, which has menus for less than 10 euros and there are several throughout Madrid. Average price was The steer of silver (now closed). And already more expensive, but also better is Rubaiyat", Coincides with Fernanda." And now there is a new restaurant that is not purely Brazilian, but has dishes of our cuisine and is Amazonian”, Continues Romano.

Precisely one of the good things about Brazil is that having been a country of emigration, in the kitchen it shows that we have influence from all over the world. But to Spain and outside Brazil, what arrives above all are the restaurants specializing in meat. But we have other foods, many tapas, like the galinha coxinhas that would be, poorly translated, chicken croquettes; or the kibes, which are like croquettes too, wheat and meat. They are of Arab influence and made with a wheat that I have only found here in the M-30 Mosque. ”

'Picanha' © Brasa y Leña (Facebook)


The churrasco is a national pride, but the feijoada It is the national dish. It is a black bean stew with pork and beef and various vegetables, which in Rio, for example, is traditionally eaten on Saturdays. "It's another of the dishes I miss here," says Fernanda Godoy. “Sometimes I go to Mexican restaurants to eat black beans,” while waiting to Saturday that in Rubaiyat they serve feijoada.

Feijoada © Alamy Stock Photo


“In general, I tell you that I like Spanish cuisine very much and I don't miss things about Brazil so much,” says Fernanda Godoy. Although he does recognize that He likes Portuguese sweets more than Spanish ones, and that is why he looks for sites that offer them.

Alessandro Soler, journalist and son of a Spaniard from Almería, has been in Madrid for a year and three months, and although he acknowledges not going to much Brazilian restaurant because he prefers to cook his dishes at home (“Basic things very Mediterranean and Brazilian at the same time: brown rice, mashed potatoes, black beans, grilled tuna”), He also misses the bakery there:“the brigadeiros especially”.

Another national pride, but in sweet, a truffle spice made with condensed milk, butter and, traditionally, with chocolate powder and granulated chocolate. "There is a nice café in the Plaza de Canalejas where they make very decent ones," he explains.

Brigadeiros © Alamy Stock Photo

* This article was initially published on August 8, 2016.

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