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Taco with Danny Trejo (aka "Machete")

His presence imposes. Is that "tough guy" of cinema That could end your life in a blink of an eye. He has embodied the enemy in dozens of films for several decades and it is shocking to see him smile, but he does it with surprising ease. Danny Trejo, better known for his "Machete" character, makes the leap to the kitchen with a trendy store in Los Angeles: Trejo's Tacos.

Taco with Danny Trejo (aka "Machete") © Trejo's Tacos / Derrick Strickland

What better plan to discover Los Angeles than at Danny Trejo's restaurant? The actor joins the long list of stars who have ventured into the world of restoration. Because right now?

"In my filming of Bad ass a producer encouraged me to open my own restaurant. The idea didn't upset me, so I got down to work and started working on the project with my agent, " Trejo tells us between taco and taco. Its restaurant is located in a corner of Mid-Wilshire in Los Angeles (1048 S La Brea). Just arrived, we find some snacks to whet your appetite. The typical "chips with salsa" and, of course, a little guacamole to brighten up the day. Today is going to be a spicy day, very spicy. Through all the tables we come across signs that warn us: "The spicy goes well with milk."

Tacos with Machete © Trejo's Tacos / Derrick Strickland

Every taco we tried, we add a shot of milk to withstand the highly spicy touch. The "Trejo's Tacos" bite ... and a lot! What will they carry inside? We are going to stay with the intrigue, because this is what a smiling Danny Trejo answers: "Right now Our recipes include very secret ingredients and right now we are planning to expand the menu options. But I can't give you more information. "

The letter satisfies all types of visitors, both meat lovers and vegans. The tacos of Beef Brisket They are the most demanded and the tastiest. The vegan option, the black pepper tofu tacos, leave aside the derivatives derived from animals, but not for that reason they are less exquisite. On this special day we are fortunate to try a special creation designed by Danny Trejo himself and chef Ramses Walker. Grilled Grilled with Pepita Pesto taco, they have baptized him.

Tofu tacos with black pepper © Trejo's Tacos

Not only does the name help attract masses to this small Mexican restaurant, but also the sympathy and devotion that fans feel for this nice actor. "I am very happy with the restaurant. We have not had any complaints and people really like the food," says Trejo. We respond with the feeling that you breathe in a city like Los Angeles: "Despite doing the typical badass in action movies, people seem to love you a lot. "The comment makes the actor blush." ​​Actually, I like to play good dad, but in the movies they have to see different facets of you ", confesses Trejo.

Milk has managed to put out that fire that has spread from our stomachs to the very lips, but we have the chance to try a homemade drink and we decided on the horchata, one of the best Mexican flavors. In Trejo's Tacos they prepare it fresh, daily, using roasted organic rice, almond milk and cinnamon. A really addictive flavor that invites us to drink several glasses. Is one of the best horchatas we have tried in the city of stars.

Beef Brisket tacos: the most desired © Derrick Strickland

A sweet taste, which is multiplied by ten with the delicious dessert. If you like ice cream sandwiches, Danny Trejo's restaurant won't disappoint you. "CoolHaus Ice Cream Sandwiches", call them and are available in several flavors: vanilla, chocolate, mint and hazelnut cookies.

The invention has given Trejo such a good result, aware of the adventurous palate of the angels, which already suggests opening a new location of its already famous "Trejo's Tacos" in the Hollywood area.

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Totopes with guacamole at Trejo's Tacos © Jim Busfield

Do you want to discover Danny Trejo's restaurant? © Derrick Strickland

Video: Five Star Food Review at Trejos Tacos aka Machete Danny Trejo (March 2020).

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