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Traveler Agenda: books, vertigo and rooftop parties

We came in the most literary weekend of the calendar with a fact: only during the day of April 23 last year were sold 1.5 million books in Spain! However, although the events of Sant Jordi take a good part of our agenda, we also have time to take your head off the pages and put it in delicious cocktails, keep it as high as possible in vertigo walks and recline it by squinting at Parties very close to the sun.


Book Day is celebrated on May 23 because it was the day Shakespeare and Cervantes died (or not, but it has been agreed that it happened). Precisely of these two is celebrated this year the 400th anniversary, so the weekend will be, as you imagine, full of events related to their lives (Here are the most interesting!)

On the other hand, despite the fact that there are many bookshops throughout the country, the lyrics will be long, especially in Madrid, the most reading community in Spain, celebrating its massive Night of Books. With a list of authors that gives vertigo decipher (among which Juan José Millás, Javier Marías or David Safier stand out) and such a complete program of activities that we will have to mark our favorites with an indelible marker (and run from side to side to enjoy them), the Madrid darkness is postulated as a mystery that we are Eager to discover.

Barcelona, ​​meanwhile, will also wear a party with multiple proposals. Among them, the International Fair of the Contemporary Edition, the fair that is also set up in Sant Joan, and the one that will be built on the Rambla del Raval, the readings that will take place throughout the city, the open days ... Configure your route to not miss anything here.

By the way ... Did you know that in Spain there are a town with more bookstores than bars?


This weekend is also celebrated on Fashion Revolution Day, and the Sustainable Fashion Association of Madrid, MSMAD, proposes various workshops and activities on Sunday under the title Who made your clothes for "improve the world where we live, thinking about our well-being and that of the next generations"They will introduce the fashion concept" Slow ", which" connects us directly with a change in the social rhythm, from mobility literally to the frantic consumption model in which we are immersed"They want to get" more environmental, social and ethical awareness "and"more human social and consumption rhythms".

You can also discover more about the mechanisms that are activated in our brain to follow some fashions or others if you approach the IED Design Institute Madrid (Flor Alta 8), where Rosa Moreno (researcher and sociologist specializing in trends) will observe our daily lifera understand how trends arise, "Between the addiction to the new and the repetition of the same." It will be at 20:30, and admission is free.


Madrid is full of plans and corners that, on the occasion of spring, make its inhabitants take to the streets moved by that of altered blood. Now, you can direct your steps also towards The brute (Fish, 11), a cozy restaurant in the heart of Malasaña That surprises us with a new cocktail menu. Among them stands out a reinvention of the most traditional sangria and exoticisms such as the Mai Tai Brutal, with rum, egg white, Cointreau, Frangelico, pineapple juice, sugar syrup, orange narrows, crushed ice and natural pineapple.


That the state capital is also the brunch you know it well. What you might not know is the plan they offer you for this Sunday: an Afterbrunch convened by the exclusive Rooftop Party. The terrace of the ME Madrid Reina Victoria Hotel will be the scene of Francesca Lombardo, dj and producer of Italian origin, who will make Sundays dance to the rhythm of House Underground Melodic, whatever that is. The organization celebrates its more than 10,000 followers, and proposes you to get a discount for the event. Find out how to get it here.


Malaga is on top with its cultural commitment, and this is demonstrated by the arrival of Mural (1943), the work of Jackson Pollock that can be seen for the first time in Spain at the Picasso Museum. Since you are in the city and cool is cool, also come to the Pompidou: in addition to its magnificent permanent collection, you can enjoy Dada cinema, surreal cinema, a retrospective composed of 14 films that reflects, the audiovisual break led by Hans Richter, Man Ray, René Clair, Francis Picabia, Germaine Dulac and Luis Buñuel, among others. Oh and don't forget the dictionary


Also in Malaga you can take a walk of those who do not forget in the Caminito del Rey, which has just reopened (There are still tickets for today!) It started as a service road for one of the first hydroelectric plants in the country, went on to serve the families of the area to make daily journeys between towns and ended up being the tomb of many curious and climbers from around the world ... Ready for adventure?


Spring teaches its more hedonistic side in the Sala Caracol in Madrid with the GuacaAventuras de Guacamayo Tropical, a group of idy music that Mix the hottest rhythms with cumbia, tropical elegance, salsa, currulao, bullerengue and Latin American folklore. They open at 00: 30h with Macaw DJs, at 01:30 MC C-Imperatriz appears, at 02: 30h they return Macaw to break the track and at 03:30, the special guest, Tony Sabandija, will do his magic until 05.00. Macaw closes until 06:00 and then "we look for a house to continue the party." His advice? "Wear dance clothes and really want to wiggle your hip!" Tickets here.

This is how they spend them at the Guacamayo Tropical parties © Facebook Guacamayo Tropical

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