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Travel to Gotham, the city of Batman

Gotham, the dark city where The crime is at ease now offers a renewed shine thanks to the efforts of the Tycoon Bruce Wayne. Visit his mythical Opera, go out for the fashion clubs, take a walk in the center. Who knows, maybe you catch somebody out there local celebrity ...

Thus begins the wonderful announcement that yesterday, during the premiere of Batman and Superman: Dawn of Justice, He left half-engulfed. Breaking the line between reality and fiction is never easy, but if done with elegance and authenticity from Turkish Airlines, it's exciting.

There we were, then, all the fans of the saga, with their mouths open, imagining that the possibility of traveling to the gothic city was real, as if our dreams geeks the craziest they became - finally - reality in the most unexpected way.

Gotham is no longer the crime sink that used to be ... © D. R.

As if that were not enough, when looking for information about the spot we find that there is another equally convincing about Metropolis, the place where Clark Kent lives. During it, Lex Luthor He tells us how his company has supported the reconstruction of the magnificent city (which was seriously damaged during the extraordinary battle that Superman fought in The man of steel), and invites us to visit it.

"Fly to the city ​​of tomorrow... today "concludes the throbbing announcement. We, if we could, we would do it without hesitation, and from what we have found out in the internet mentideros, there are many of our opinions, since they have registered airline calls trying to book those flights ...!


In this fiction game come true, Turkish Airlines take care of every last detail so that the hypothetical traveler has everything you might need during your stay in Gotham Y Metropolis. So, in a microsite created for the occasion, it gathers information about each of the cities: the places of essential visit, a Map not to get lost in its streets and restaurants and shops of the moment.
So that on the ground you have all this at hand, they have created a guide Time outboth of Gotham like Metropolis, in which the information is completed with directions and recommendations and even the places are indicated where to see Superman.

By the way, don't forget to choose your travel insurance and download the receipt that certifies your hiring, or answer the questions necessary to obtain the special visa that allows you to enter both cities. Yes, you also have information about it in the if you.

Metropolis, the city of tomorrow © D.R.

Video: Fly to Gotham City with Turkish Airlines! Super Bowl TV SPOT 2016 HD (April 2020).

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