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Editor'S Choice - 2020

Germany opens an exclusive motorway for bicycles

Germany opens a new road with the first five kilometers of a “motorway” for bicycles. The first step of an ambitious project that will link up to ten cities like Duisburg and Hamm, located at the eastern end of the Ruhr basin. Can you imagine riding freely without traffic lights, cars or trucks marking your path?

Oh, both wheels. In Traveler we love the cities and bicycle destinations: those who take the infrastructure, security and functionality of their environments very seriously. And Germany has conquered us with the design of an exclusive highway for cyclists with four meters wide and overtaking lane, according to France 24. It is expected that two million Germans can benefit from this project. Munich and Nuremberg are working on the creation of streets exclusively for cyclists.

Video: Germany Opens Bicycle Autobahn (March 2020).

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