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Editor'S Choice - 2020

The best après ski in Spain, to the rich alpine cover!

The cover has been redefined in many Spanish ski resorts. It is no longer just about snacks to regain strength but of small, high-level dishes thousands of meters high.


Quality, high gastronomic level and a high price. Baqueira Beret station is by far a haute cuisine center and that shows in their establishments. And we start with an exclusive and chic proposal: the Moët Winter Lounge bar located in el Orri area.

It is a design bar focused on the French champagne that gives it its name. With a small dining room (must be booked in advance), but with an impressive terrace to “tapas”. And here we are going to stay to taste their delicious Hake croquettes or Spanish omelette That is really spectacular.

The most sophisticated they can opt for caviar at a rate of 130 euros per serving which will be watered with a bottle of Moët Imperial. Another 50 euros more.

Moët Winter Lounge © Blog Baqueira

Another place that we can not miss in Baqueira Beret is the San Miguel Shelter located in the Bonaigua area. A modern, bright bar with a large fireplace. An obligatory stopping point in our descents to taste one of the 20 designer caps that has made him famous.

Those tapas bear the signature of the haute cuisine they create Dani García or Paco Roncero. Eye to your beer and to the mushroom toast with ham. And if hunger squeezes it is mandatory to request the Tapas Menu.

Refugi San Miguel © Blog Baqueira


The Granada station can be proud of several of its tapas bars, with some letters focused on the products of the Penibética mountain range among which the famous stands out Trévelez ham.

As soon as the historic track of the river deposits us in Pradollano you have to hurry to take place in The Cartujano. And there we will ask a meatball lid or even its meatloaf, It dissolves on the palate. A simple, but lavish bite. In the drink, always "came from grandfather."

In Sierra Nevada there is a hidden bar-restaurant, away several kilometers from the bustling life of the ski resort and without modernities or experiments. The restaurant Route of the Purche It is an idyllic place, on the same slopes of the mountain range.

Just asking for a beer cane, of course Alhambra, It has a lid attached with small choto tacos overflowing with some fresh green peppers that seem to want to overflow the dish. And at its point. Two rods can mean we leave already eaten.

With a couple of rods, from here you leave 'eaten' © Ruta del Purche


Cerler ski resort It is the queen of Benasque, one of the towns of the Pyrenees of Oscense with more flavor and authenticity. Benasque is "something else" in Aragonese geography. Its location in the region of Ribagorza gives it a product that will be very present in their dishes and tapas: pork.

Cerler also has the honor of being the only Spanish station that celebrates an international event with design tapas every season: Cerler Gourmet Festival, an event that takes place in the last days of January and in which the local bars and restaurants participate.

Cerler Gourmet Festival, tapas at the foot of the track © Cerler.com

And among all those places there is a must see. It's the Remáscaro cafeteria where tapas are the specialty of the house and at the foot of the slopes. Another delicatessen is the restaurant The Picada, a place to cover with mushrooms and meats from the Benasque Valley, dishes that must be watered with Somontano wine.

Anyway, Cerler's own station hides really suggestive establishments. This is the case of La Borda del Mastín, pure Aragonese cuisine that reaches the mouth in the form of tapas with pate of the area, again the mushrooms of the Ribagorza or the sausages from the neighboring town of Graus.

And we will not forget about Graus, municipality that demands a visit to delight us with its long sausages and dried beans as nutritious as blunt. We will take them all from establishments such as Embutidos Villa de Graus or Embutidos Aventín.

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Remáscaro © Cerler.com

* The journalist Alfonso Ojea is the Director of the program of SER chain specialized in snow, White tracks, which has been on the air for 20 years.

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