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20 tips to make the most of your Interrail

The old continent is best traveled in one of its oldest transports: the train. Those who know it, usually choose Interrail, a type of special pass that gives you the possibility to visit all of Europe at the same price (from 163 euros) and which contains the word "adventure" in its nine letters. Find the best connections, sleep while traveling, see landscapes impossible to see otherwise, meet people from all over the world, maybe become a backpacker for the first time? Interrail It can be all that and much more. Take advantage!

1.- Do not get overwhelmed. Having the chance to visit many countries in a given period makes inveterate travelers go crazy enough when planning the routes, but relax! We have come to have fun!

2.- Do not rely too much on schedules. Not all of Europe is England, and even if it were, sometimes there are unforeseen events that even the English cannot foresee. The issue is: do not plan to catch two trains with very little time difference between the arrival of one and the departure of the other, because, you know, shit happens, and you may hurry, in the end you lose more than one link ...

3.- Make a budget, choose an amount to spend and do not exceed it. The expenses usually go more of the hands in this type of trips, mainly due to the unforeseen events. Before leaving, budget more or less how much you want to spend and go keeping the account every day, or you will return home with an interesting hole in the account ...

4.- Take the minimum possible luggage. Keep in mind that you will most likely spend one or two days in each place, so most of the time you will be carrying the backpack, and you don't want to get fed up with it at the first exchange, right?

Tranquility in the masses: Europe will continue there after your Interrail © Corbis

5.- We have said little luggage, but we have not said what luggage. Point:
- Helmets
of those that isolate you from the rest of the world, for trains with children ... or with chickens
- A most universal charger possible for all your devices. You will save space.
- If you are traveling to countries with different plugs, a universal adapter It will be a must in your luggage
- A deck of cards, he icebreaker Perfect anywhere in the world (or almost). The One is also international.
- A book (If it is in digital format or audiobook, you can take several). Keep in mind that you will not always have a network, or battery, to entertain yourself with Facebook.
- If you are sensitive to sleep in public places (read train, read station because the train does not leave until three in the morning), check also a eye mask and earplugs.
- Swimsuit
, even winter.
- Oilskin,
Even summer. If your backpack is not waterproof, it may also be a good idea to bring one for her.
- Sleeping bag.
It can help you to a) sleep anywhere if you are a traveler destroyer b) To improve the conditions of any train (and even bed) enough to take a little head.
- Towel of those super absorbents
and super thin (yes, they are the closest we have ever been to the future).
- If you are daring and / or know how to play, a tiny instrument (As you can see, knowing how to play is not entirely necessary). This will ensure you impromptu parties and instant links. You are welcome.
- Fan
. It occupies nothing and can save you from hot flashes with a lot of art.
- Lizard soap
or similar, to wash your panties / underpants in any sink. (Didn't you want adventure?)
- safety pins
to hang that same shiny underwear from the backpack and let it air to dry (sometimes it will be necessary to do so).
- Flip flops
to get into mudflats / hostels to shower without anxiety attacks.
- About comfortable clothes and shoes We take it for granted, but just in case: comfortable clothes and shoes. Oh, and don't wear your favorite t-shirt, rather wear things that, if necessary, you don't mind getting rid of at the end of the trip.
- Mosquito spray.

- If you drink medicines, Do not forget: it can be difficult to find according to which products in which countries. It would also be good to take ibuprofen or whatever you use for the hangover, I mean, for the headache. In addition, a minibotiquín can not hurt anyone - except the space of your backpack- ...
- Truquito: take clear plastic bags with automatic closing to put the liquids if you do not want to roll it big time With so much rattle.
- One of those little cushions that inflate
It is usually a good idea to give a nod while looking out the window.
- Two words: toilet paper.

He did not read our councilors and now he laughs for not crying © Corbis

6. It is a good idea to use the train to sleep, and it is as easy as planning the routes so that the route (better if it is long) falls at night. If you are wondering whether or not to take a bed, take it, especially in Eastern European countries, which are usually quite cheap. You will almost always be able to sleep decently, with the bonus that you do it while traveling and you lose absolutely no time. Another bonus? The sunrises from the train!

7.- However, do not always sleep on the train. Make sure you have a good bed to sleep at least once every two nights, as the weary traveler complains more and enjoys less. Don't be the weary traveler!

8.- Other tip not to be that type of traveler: don't plan a lot of activities for each day. Sitting in a cafeteria for two hours to enjoy hot tea and watch life go by (or relieve your wifi monkey) is not a sin. It is even desirable. Yes, you only have a few days to go through a lot of places, but we repeat it: do not get overwhelmed!

9.- To avoid unwanted scares, take one certified photocopy of your passport (They do it at any police station in a little while). Also carries all your documents in your mail or in the cloud, including Interrail, plane tickets, if any, etc. Make sure you have the bank card assistance number (in a paper, not in the mobile: the mobile can run out of battery!) and your travel insurance (in case you have hired it). Make sure your card can be used abroad and find out with what commissions. Of course, carry a padlock for the backpack And keep the keys with you. And don't forget the driving license if you consider the possibility of catching a car, as well as the young card or the university card if you have them: you will get enough discounts thanks to them.

Not having caught the bunk no longer seems such a good idea, huh? © Corbis

10.- If you have enough time, don't just go to the big cities: Take advantage of the ease that the train pass gives you to see villages, natural routes, coasts ...

11.- Read the Interrail website very carefully. Remember, for example, that you have to pay supplements and book to sleep on the train, to catch a night or to enjoy high speed, in addition to riding on some trains considered "special". However, most stores will be free!

12.- We are not very friends of souvenirs and, in addition, you have no place to transport them. The solution? Send postcards! In almost all cities, if you move through the most creative neighborhoods, you will find some very original and made by local artists. Or you can also send some already written, of those old ones that are obtained in the traces, and give them a new life!

13.- Tired of walking with the backpack from one place to another? In almost every season there are slogans, just remember that you will have to go back before bedtime, so you may want to pay more attention or have it in the hotel / hostel (probably, it can be saved even if you arrive before check in).

14.- In addition to hostels, campsites and hotels, consider the coachsurfing, Airb'n'b and ... your friends! You don't have any in that city? Surely, someone does. Ask on your Facebook or Twitter before leaving and you will be surprised!

Postcards of traces, yeah! © Corbis

15.- Most attractions and museums can be visited for free Someday of the week If you really want to go and have little pasta, make them coincide with your stay in the city. Also take a look, before leaving, to concerts that interest you: You may finally see that singer who is not going to step on Spain in life.

16.- The local festivities They are an anthropological wonder in which it is always worth participating, but OJITO: if you have no place to sleep, you may end up in the street that night. Anticipate as much as possible and, at least in this case, book in advance!

17.- If you go alone, we strongly recommend reading these tricks; if you are accompanied For your partner, take a look at this so as not to send it to take a fresh wind as soon as you set foot in Spanish territory. And if your musketeers are friends, try to pass the cotton test. Getting an Interrail means spending many hours together (many of them, in a rolling cubicle) and making many decisions that at that time seem like a matter of life or death: Should we go to the museum of modern art or the history of the city? Should we take the night route or the one that leaves at noon? Eat in a restaurant or catch the eleventh burger for one euro? Seemingly harmless questions can turn into lasting enmity on a trip of this nature, so we recommend leaving space (try "see you here at three o'clock" and that everyone does what they want in the meantime) and have the most important issues planned (basically, the route to be followed and where to go to sleep).

18.- Train stops are not always announced, and even if they do, you will not always understand what the public address is saying. Learn the arrival time and sign up the previous stops: In this way there are more possibilities for you to get off the one you had planned. You can also ask the locals or the reviewer to let you know.

19.- Save some energy to the night and its charms: traveling was also this.

20.- Enjoy, enjoy and Enjoy! And tell everyone, that roaming is over right now!

Sleeping in Munich without a reservation during the Oktoberfest: mission impossible © Corbis

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