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36 hours in San Francisco

The pearl of California does not lend itself to a quick visit, but sometimes a day and a half is enough to taste what San Francisco offers on a tray ... At least until you can return for another 36 hours.

Imagine streets of Victorian houses, one after the other, in an image worthy of a postcard from the 70s. Add some stunning views over the Pacific Ocean, with one of the architectural wonders of the twentieth century adorning the horizon. Add an unparalleled gastronomic scene, a delirious nightlife and an impossible charm to resist, and you'll have San Francisco.
The pearl of California does not lend itself to a quick visit, but sometimes a day and a half is enough to taste what San Francisco offers on a plate… At least until you can come back for another 36 hours.

Victorian houses Painted Ladies © Corbis Images

4 p.m. - Alamo Square Park
Start with a dignified image of the cover of a book. Alamo Square Park, with its Painted Ladies perfectly aligned on a slope with the right inclination, is proud to be the most immortalized image of San Francisco. Don't cut yourself, and upload it to Instagram: San Francisco will keep your secret.
5.30 p.m. - Golden Gate Bridge and Fort Point
From mythical image to magical sight: continuing northwest, there stands, imposing, the Golden Gate Bridge. Opened in May 1937, the Golden Gate is the San Francisco cover letter, the great pride of the city and one of the symbols of the United States. When it comes to views, however, it is recognized unofficially that Alfred Hitchcock was right: from Fort Point, the bridge causes a nasty nothing Vertigo.

Don't you get to see it from the barrier? You can travel the three kilometers of the bridge on foot or by bike, and appreciate the bridge (and San Francisco) from another point of view.
7 p.m. - Dinner (or coffee) in Hayes Valley
Jump on a tram, and head towards Hayes Valley to regain strength. Zuni Café and its Mediterranean menu (the Tuscan chicken It is famous throughout the city) is a landmark in the neighborhood.
Too early for dinner? Open appetite in the Blue Bottle Coffee with one of his famed lattés, or dare with a 'free Nica' in Smuggler's Cove.

There are several throughout the city. © Blue Bottle Coffee

10.30 p.m. - SoMa
If there is a place where Gothic, modern and computer geniuses converge in peace, it is the night mecca of South of market. Dance on the platforms of the DNA Lounge, or get lost in the jungle house of Wish. When they kick you out at two in the morning (time at which alcohol is stopped serving in the state of California), just follow the aroma to the nearest pizza stand: that's where the party continues.

At night, a moment 'jungle house'. © Wish

9 a.m. - Breakfast at Rincon Hill

Take the morning and try San Francisco's last gastronomic shout: the toast. Yes, how do you read it, the toast of a lifetime has become the food in to start the day on this side of the ocean. But of course, this is San Francisco, and nothing is as it seems. The Red Door Coffee toast is of a consistency and flavor that laugh at the usual Bimbo. Pay attention to us: Dozens of hipsters can't be wrong.
11am. - Lombard Street
Continue north (and up: cheer up the slopes) toward North Beach, and almost unintentionally you will run into Lombard Street, the crooked street in the worldor 'the crookedest street', as the neighbors know with pride. Sinuous as none and picturesque as few, Lombard Street and brave drivers who dare with their curves are a good excuse to catch their breath.

Lombard Street, one of the most beautiful streets in the world. © Corbis

12 p.m. - Fishermen's Wharf
Y further north is the sea: Fishermen's Wharf it's part fashion mall, part industrial port, with the added attraction of Golden Gate on the horizon. Curious in the market, stroll along the boardwalk and decide if you want to ride a retro tram back to the center or dare with a…
1 pm. - Alcatraz Tour
For more than a century, the mere mention of the name gave chills to the innocent and cold sweats to the guilty: Alcatraz. The first military prison in the United States is since the 70's Historical interest stop. Years after welcoming tenants as doubtfully famous as Al Capone, Alcatraz maintains its gloomy air and irresistible appeal. Tours start at eight in the morning and leave every half hour until four in the afternoon. Do you want extra emotion? Join one of the night tours

Alcatraz © Corbis Images

4 p.m. - Chinatown
Begin the descent back to the center, and after a mandatory stop in the literary world of City Lights Bookstore, enter another world: Chinatown. San Francisco is home to the largest Chinese community outside of Asia and the oldest in North America, which spans Grant Avenue and Stockton Street. Visit the Tin How Temple, get lost in the sweet and sour aroma and, when you have forgotten that you are on this side of the Pacific, cross Dragon Gate and return to San Francisco.

6 p.m. - Dinner (or coffee) at The Mission

Continue south, and you will reach The mission. Eclectic, unique, the neighborhood is an amalgam of latin roots and bohemian airs. The Mission is the perfect place to look for the best burrito in the city; that of La Taquería is a good candidate.
If you have arrived in time to go hungry, the urban art and organic coffee from Mission Creek Coffee They will keep you entertained for a couple of hours.

Chinatown San Francisco © Corbis Images

9 p.m. -The farewell
Say goodbye to San Francisco with a craft beer at Shotwell's or Bender's, and start making a list of reasons to return on a napkin. Take it, you'll be rereading it on the plane until you learn it by heart.

Bender's, beers and bikes. © Bender's

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