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Not without my dog: traveling (luxury) with your best friend

See my bitch Alaya run along the beaches of Cancun priceless. For that reason, we all (small and large) contribute during the year with a piggy bank for your plane ticket. The holidays would not be the same without that family member that jumps and screams with joy every time you open the house door.

Gone are the days when pet owners had to stay in dark road motels, with their hidden pets, as if they were smugglers. The biggest problem that travelers with pets find is usually that of transport your partner to your destination. In recent years, airlines have multiplied their requirements to transport pets making it a little harder.
Most of the regular airlines have substantially increased the price of the pet ticket on board, depending on whether they can travel under your seat or as a passenger ticket. American, Delta, United and Continental They charge $ 125 for each trip of your pet in the cabin and $ 500 (round trip) in charge. The Animal Airways website facilitates travel plans with pets. They take care from finding the most suitable plane ticket, until organizing the necessary documents and passports for transport.

Holidays without them make no sense © Corbis

Willing to attract these travelers who choose to fly with their best friend, there are companies like JetBlueAirlines that offer a special class (Jetpaws) dedicated to animals. For those who can afford it, the luxury of traveling in private jets with your pets surpass any other experience. Several elite airlines offer services for traveling pets such as Sit'n Stay, which has its special class FURst Class Service.

Private jets for your pets © Sit'n Stay

For those animals with special needs there is JetSetVets, the first travel company for the medical care of animals, created by Cindy Bressler, the veterinarian of the mascots of the stars of Hollywood (that exerts in Los Angeles and the Hampton). Bressler had the idea of ​​organizing JetSetVets After working for the actors' pets, traveling in their private planes. Determined to offer a product that did not exist, she joined Blue Star Jets and invented JetSetVets. Between the amenities that animals receive on their private flights there are exquisite dishes served in bowls of twenty-two karat gold, designed by Versace, or Louis Vuitton pet travel clothing.

A trip with all kinds of veterinary care for your pet © JetSetVets

According to a study by AAA and Best Western International, more than half of pet owners in the United States take their dogs and cats when they travel and hotels premiere rooms equipped to receive them as they deserve. The actress Doris day Cypress Inn opened in Carmel more than twenty years ago, a hotel dedicated to animals. "We are the best hotel to travel with pets," said the actress. The legendary Hollywood star confesses as a dedicated animal support activist. Holidays are no longer just for two-legged travelers. Hotel chains like Best Western have hired Cesar Millán, the television "whisper of dogs", as an expert advisor for travelers with pets. “I travel with my dog ​​everywhere. It's the right thing, ”says Millán. Another page that informs of hotels with access to pets is Pet Travel
"Pets are not our complete life, but they certainly complete our life.", what Roger Caras would say.

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