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The seasonal world: four experiences to take advantage of autumn

We have traced the world to locate the authentic explorers of the 21st century. One of them, the incombustible Paco Nadal, puts us on the table (or, rather, on the map) four plans between adrenaline and green rest, the most authentic natural experiences and accommodations where you can get away from it all. You dare?


The magical northern lights turn the long winter nights into a spectacular celestial kaleidoscope. The northern lights season begins. Where are we going to see them?

Actually the Aurora borealis can occur Everyday of the year. We just need the dark of night to appreciate them. That's why the months of Autumn and winter They are the best time to enjoy one of the great nature shows. Vaunted and feared since antiquity, today we know that the bolearic auroras are solar particles when entering the atmosphere of the Earth. Who has seen one, never forgets it.

Looking for Northern Lights © D.R.

The most likely areas to see them are the ones around polar circles, both Arctic and Antarctic. But since in the southern hemisphere this imaginary circle falls completely on water, the possible observation areas for mortals are located in the north cap. For example Lapland.
Cities like Saariselkä (Finland), Kiruna (Sweden) or Tromso (Norway) they have easy access by plane and comfortable infrastructures to make a winter trip to the hunt for the aurora. For its part, Kangerlussuaq, a population on the west coast of Greenland, is reputed to be one of the places on the planet with largest number of northern lights of the year. The Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort, in the Finnish Lapland, offers accommodation in some glass igloos to see the dance of the northern lights without getting out of bed.

Glass igloos, to see the dance of the northern lights without leaving the bed. © D.R.

The first, in Galicia, in a rural house rehabilitated by the interior designer Reyes Castellanor in the village of Vilasion, two kilometers from Antas from Ulla, Lugo. The house, with four rooms, is a stone's throw from the Santiago's road and from the deep forests of the Catasós Fraga, with chestnut trees and centenary oaks that are dressed in grana and gold at this time. Other proposals are the visit to the petroglyphs of Lameiro Field or go out with the wicker basket in search of robellones, lepiotas and mushrooms. You can also hire a Galician cooking course to learn to do authentic empanadas. Five nights, from € 1,500.

Lappish wooden huts © D.R.

Second temptation: take advantage of the offer of Pedras Salgadas Spa & Nature Park, a eco-hotel luxury an hour's drive from Port. The forests of Trás-os-Montes they embrace this estate where you can choose between sleeping in wooden and slate cabins, of minimalist interiors and with a skylight on the bed to see the stars, or in Futuristic houses on the trees. Apart from the spa, the program includes bird watching, guided tours of nearby beech trees or the nearby zip line Penalty Adventure Park.

Pedras Salgadas Spa & Nature Park, a luxury eco-hotel © D.R.


On the island of Amantani, one of the largest in Titicaca lake, There are no hotels or roads or internet. Nor is it expected in the future. Its inhabitants have decided so. But they welcome outsiders, who they stay in their homes and give breakfast, lunch and dinner. A strict system of shifts, controlled by the president of the community, allows anyone who wants to join the initiative. In the afternoon they invite guests to see sunset from the top of the island, at 4,000m altitude, where the remains of a temple dedicated to the Pachamama (Mother Earth) and another at Pachatata (Father Universe). And at night, they ride an endearing verbena with charangos, quenas and zampoñas. The experience is hired in the port of Puno.

Amantenil Island, unexplored place © D.R


As every year at the end of November, dozens of bull sharks arrive at the shores of Playa del Carmen, in Mexico. They are considered one of the most dangerous species of sharks for man but his bad reputation, which is just that, does not prevent Phantom Divers from offering dives to see them up close. An instructor with steel meshes attracts sharks while participants observe, at a safe distance, the water ballet of these beautiful animals. The dive costs $ 140, but if there is no luck and no sharks are seen, they will return you 50%. Advanced diver qualification is required.

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Diving with sharks © Phantom Divers

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