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The origins of Disney in an exhibition in Seville

The art of telling fantastic stories

Frozen the ice kingdom. © Disney Interprises Inc.

It was in the thirties of the last century when Walt Disney gave free rein to his creativity, after passing through the First World War providing services in the Red Cross. As a child he showed his fondness for illustration but it was not until his adulthood when he truly began to market his cartoons and explore everything in his power to improve his techniques.

80 years of history which summarizes the exhibition 'Disney. The art of telling history in the CaixaForum from Seville and in collaboration with Walt Disney Animation Research Library, until February 18. A magical journey to discover the origin of some of the best known films of the studio. From 'The Three Little Pigs' (1933) to 'Frozen. The kingdom of ice ' (2013) in a total of 222 unique pieces.

A literary legacy to know how those classic stories were transmitted and how they were adapting and updating over time. Because that's Disney, stories of the past adapted and dressed in fantasy.

Outline of 'Brave Little Tailor' or 'The Brave Little Tailor', 1938. © Disney Interprises Inc.

What's behind our favorite childhood movies? Walt Disney He said he intended to encourage the reading of old stories at school or in the library. He got it? The exhibition aims to reconcile us with our bad reading conscience and show us the stories behind the drawings: myths, legends, fables, 'tall tales' (American tales), and of course, fairy tales.

Let's start with myths, those stories of heroes and heroines with super powers who performed feats outside of mortals. It is the case of 'Hercules' or 'The king midas'. In classical mythology, Hercules stars in many feats and is, above all known, for having achieved 'the twelve works'. In Disney it appeared twice, in 1997 and in 1934, in both it bets by the comic side to approach the Greek mythology, for many academic, to the infantile public.

Robin Hood, 1973. © Disney Interprises Inc.

'The Pied Piper of Hamelin', 'Merlin, the Enchantress' or 'Robin Hood' are some of the legends, all adapted by Disney. Stories that have survived world wars and changes, but we will never know if they are true. The Seville exhibition also shows the 'Tall tales' one of the most important sources of inspiration for Walt Disney, the American folk tales.

Outline of 'Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs' of 1937. © Disney Interprises Inc.

As well as the fairy tales, and now yes, our 'Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs', the first feature film by Walt Disney in 1937, 'Sleeping Beauty' (1959), 'The little Mermaid' (1989), and many others. Narrations, some of them creepy, but that have great appeal because connect with the feelings of adults and children. "Of all the exciting legends of princes and princesses, witches and fairies, and the triumph of good over evil, I have always found 'Sleeping Beauty' the most emotional," Walt Disney said in 1959.

Sketch of Maleficent in 1959. © Disney Interprises Inc.

The last one, which can also be seen in Seville, is'Frozen The kingdom of ice ', inspired by the publication of Hans Christian Andersen in 1845, 'The Snow Queen. A fairy tale in seven stories. ' This Danish writer would also be inspired to make the films of 'The Little Mermaid' and 'Fantasy / 2000', a musical adaptation of 'Tin Soldier'.

Frozen The kingdom of ice. © Disney Interprises Inc.

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